Saturday, November 24, 2012

Korie's Nautical Wedding

A couple months back, I had the privilege of working with Korie on her wedding stars. She had a custom star lot in mind and we worked together to make her vision complete.

She was sweet enough to share pictures and I wanted to share it with you all how adorable everything turned out!

 There is something so fun and calming about sailor inspired things. The ocean is calling!
 There were all of these fun and natural trinkets involved in making the table decor fun and memorable. I think this is a great use of burlap by the way!
 You can't go wrong with simple and sweet artwork! It makes me want to having a painting day!
I included butterflies folded out of glossy calendar paper just as extras and she used them!! :)
 What an adorable cake-- subtle colors but beautiful.
 We tried to include more nautical elements in the stars, including the stripes and the little anchors. The brown star actually have shell designs all over them.
 Super cute! The colors make me so happy!
I'm so pleased that Korie liked the stars so much and that it added some joy to her and her partner's wedding planning/special day.

Thanks Korie for sharing! Hope others can be inspired by this post!


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