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Review: DivineLine Skin Care's Ease Up for Eczema and Psoriasis

Let's fight off this winter's dry skin and eczema for good!!

Patty (Our all star review sponsor for this month-- read her shop spotlight here) has this wonderful product called Ease Up that helps with Eczema, Psoriasis, and dry skin in her shop Divine Line Skin Care. Some of her reviews on this product are pretty amazing!
This butter balm is amazing. My patches are starting to heal already. They no longer itch and look so much better.
Now, not to scare you off with eczema and psoriasis can range in size, texture, blistering, and dryness. Let's start with Eczema pictures:

http://www.advancedskinwisdom.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/03EczemaCraquelee-300x196.jpg http://www.doctorv.ca/images/conditions/eczema-and-dry-skin/body_dermatitis.jpg 


Now these skin problems can really be irritating, itchy, and overall, a blow to your self-esteem since it all seems out of your control. Many dermatologists won't be able to supply you the perfect cream or antidote or sorts to fix your mixed skin type as well.

Luckily, DivineLine's Ease Up can do the job!!

"This organic & all natural salve/butter was designed with psoriasis & eczema sensitive and other skin conditions in mind, plus rashes and unknown skin condition prone folks. 20+ Proprietary formula ingredients are not included as this is the results of countless hours of researching and re-formulating until we arrived at THE perfect 'recipe'. These are what we call our "GO-TO' ingredients and many recognize their amazing nutritional and help-to-heal properties. (anti-oxidant ,anti-inflammatory,nourishing, moisturizing.)"

This product is aimed at promoting healing and cell rejuvenation.
~ calms itching and keeps skin completely moisturized
~ helps to aid and promote healing plus needed new cell growth
~with certified organic and/or all natural ingredients too many to mention here (over 25+) but all chosen with many, many hours of research and testing!


Before I start the review, look it how nicely everything got shipped to me?!

Patty was kind enough to send her Ease Up over for a review! This product was tested for a week and used 3-5 times a day. All you have to do is apply a thin layer on your skin every time and you're set!

Our tester has dry skin (mild to moderate) mixed skin type/ eczema much like the first picture shown under our eczema examples above. (Update: I also got to try it out on this awful chilblains and blisters I got during the cold winter) It's dry, cracked, and ranges in skin pigment colors. Now, I could not wait for eczema patches to come around in the cold of the winter, especially with the weather being so up and down with Hurricane Sandy. If in the future a eczema patch can be tested, we will update this post and let everyone know how it worked! I have read some wonderful reviews on this product's effectiveness on psoriasis so why not test it out? :) (Read below for discount options!!)

Here is what we noted and wanted to share after using the product:

1. This product made the itching go away very quickly-- within a day.
2. The skin appears the same but the layer of Ease Up added a smooth layer above the dryness.
3. The skin feels so even/more toned compared to the past dry spots of skin.
4. It's as if the product's continual use would have continued to heal the stubborn skin from dryness and really promote cell growth. (The full size you can purchase in her shop can last over 2 months!)
5. The natural formula is easy to apply and creates no mess but does require some lathering when you are washing it off your fingertips.
6. Since the product is natural, it does have a particular herbal scent but once you get used to it, it's no problem.

It's definitely a wonderful remedy for those who have struggled with severe dry skin or rashes. The pictures would not turn out clear enough but the cracks on the skin look smoother and more even. Now this was after a week so if you continue the usage of Ease Up, I'm sure it would help progress the skin cell growth more! Maybe I can post better pictures if I get a chance to test someone's flare ups.

UPDATE: 8/12/2013 -

My sister had some eczema behind her ear and it was getting pretty bad. We used EaseUp twice daily if possible to stop the itching and dryness. It worked! But you do need to be persistent about your usage of it. Once we would forget to apply it, the symptoms would come flooding back. Here's a before and after picture:

 As you can see, it really calmed the dryness and it stops the itching since the EaseUp is like a nice layer of butter balm over the rash. However, persistence is key with this!


On top of that-- Patty has been researching and refining the ingredients in her EaseUp for a more
divine combination of ultra concentrated organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils offers:

- A complete regenerating treatment.
Combined action to stimulate the production of collagen* and improve skin micro-circulation* helps to reduce the appearance of damage caused by premature aging and contributes to restoring substance and vitality.

- A second youth.
Myrtle essential oil stimulates, at the epidermis level, the action of the SIRT-1* protein - also known as the "longevity protein" - to help increase cellular vitality and visibly preserve the skin's youthful appearance.

- The Divine Extract is the ultimate youth serum, for visibly younger skin:
A fresh and velvety formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid derivative and a Vitamin C derivative, that immediately enhances the skin and visibly improves its texture and its appearance.

Divine results:
From the very first use, the skin seems plumped, smooth and even toned. After 7 days, the face appears visibly younger. The skin is glowing - and the results are both instant and long-lasting.


Thanks for swinging by! Please make sure to enter Divine Line's giveaway below. It ends in 2 days.

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Please convo Patty first to set up your special priced product choice for more details!!

Cheers, Dana


  1. Oh Dana, I've been waiting for this review!!! Now that the weather is getting cooler, my 6 year old son is starting to get flare-ups almost constantly (again). I've read the reviews from Patty's shop, and I was interested to see how your review went. I am pretty sure that I'm going to give this a try. Thanks so much!

  2. Yay Kim!

    Yea... I'm planing on posting a follow up when I get to try it on a flare up. If you get to and take pictures of the before and after-- I will totally add it to this post to inform everyone!


  3. Hey Kim contact me and I'd be very pleased to supply you with 1/2 ounce size for 1/2 price to help out your 'wallet' lol AND give a good sized amount too so you don't have to wait for Dana's next flare to happen for your son ....everybody wins that way and perhaps yu missed my comment in her blog that ANYONE WHO HAD NEED OF THIS PRODUCT I was offering the 1/2 trial to... get hold of me as yu did before at my etsy shop or ask Dana how to find me there...this is what i call a 'help ever hurt never' opportunity for me to help others. Patty for Divine Line Skincare
    p.s. (u get a surprise free sample of another product as well for yourself I'm sure you'll love!) and shipping is %5.95 for all

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