Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shop Spotlight & Review: Crush Cosmetics

Hey everyone! This is a post from last year- 11/2011 that I am re-posting with updates.

Remember Crush Cosmetics is a wonderful natural makeup shop that I worked with last year!
OZ mineral eyeshadow
Crush has the most beautiful and vibrant eye shadow colors. Here's my favorite... well one of them. There were so many available that I liked!

"Pure, all natural mineral mica eye shadow is hand blended by the girls at Crush.We are always mixing up new colours and sharing with our friends. OZ is low sparkle medium lustre mica, a classic emerald green with a gold olive under tone, excellent for smokey eye application. Sultry! goes on smooth and stays all-day, we know we tested it."

Vegan. Free Shipping. and tastes good. I think this product sounds like a winner no?

Lip Scrub Brown Sugar

Your lips will be soft and smooth for days and leave your lips free from those dry looking bits.
Just gently rub across your lips a couple of times, a few times a week and voilĂ ! beautiful.

I always have dry lips during the winter so I find these little guys t be fabulous finds. They're great for on the go and I can't imagine how yummy it must smell.
Tub Tea Organic Bath Soak

Crush's Fabulous Tub Teas is brimming full of Organic skin softening dried herbs and flowers. Toss one of these extra large unbleached tea bags in steaming tub and relax as intoxicating scents renew and soothes your body.

Each package contains 3 4"x4" brimming full of goodness. Each tub tea is reusable, set them aside to dry out.

Kym-- the owner of the shop- was super sweet and actually sent me a gift for putting up a shop spotlight on my blog. I never got to give it enough justice as a new blog so here I am a year down the road letting you know how awesome her eye shadows are!

The container that the shadow comes in is very durable, compact, and easy for application.
I used one of my eco tools eye shadow brushes and it picks up on the brush SO well. I did not use primer but my eyeshadow applied very smoothly, keeping a rich consistency of color. I love it. Check out the shop!



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