Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Years Bash Giveaway - Stahley Art Design

Is anyone as excited a I m that we get to post daily and share a new giveaway every single day of this week?!!!

I'm back with Kelly Stahley and her awesome graphic design and web design shop.

Here's a little info about our artist:

Hello! My name is Kelly. I graduated from college a few years ago with a degree in fine art. I am working as a graphic designer. I love doing custom work so please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your design project! More of my portfolio, as well as my blog can be seen at www.blartblog.com 

Premade Blogger Template - The November Template
I love this soft orange banner and overall refreshing blog look. This is a premade November template offered in Stahley's shop currently. It looks so clean and inviting. I love it!

" After changing and redoing my own blog a million times I decided instead of changing my own, why not create templates. That way I can express my creativity and share it with others. I really just think about what I would find attractive on a website and create a template based on that. "

Circular Social Media Icons
Striped Social Media Icons

I've had my eye on these cute customized social media linkies. Stahley will work with you on custom colors for your icons too!  Aren't these pink striped ones darling? They offer a sketchy icon set as well. I would die over a set in turquoise.

" I graduated with a degree in fine art but never gave graphic design a chance. About a year ago I decided to give it a try, I instantly fell in love! "

Silver Feather Ring Size 6

Aside from these wonderful template designs and graphic add-ons that Stahley Art Design provides, Kelly dabbles in some jewelry making as well. This feather ring is such a statement piece-- charming and sweet. They come in different sizes as well!

" I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season! "

I love all of Kelly's work and Stahley Art Design is simply fabulous!

Giveaway time!!

Who wants to win a customized blog redesign?! I know I do (secretly tries to enter my host giveaway here.... :D)

Kelly: I would be interested in giving away a blog redesign if that works for you. I would contact the winner and discuss with them some things they would like to customize on their blog.

Web Design/Blog Design

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  1. The november template is really eye-catching , it would be nice if these are more change-friendly i mean you can't have the same tagline on your blog forever .

  2. Love all your social media icons, especially the circular ones in pastel colours!

  3. I love this item:


    kiddomsg at gmail dot com

  4. I'm absolutely in *love* with the feather ring, so much so that I'm going to bookmark your page and see how much money I get for Christmas so that I can order it! I'm also smitten with the tree printed pillow. xo

  5. I liked "Stitched Social Media Icons Digital Clipart" its simple and cute ! Thanks

  6. I love the tree print throw pillow! That would definitely bring a pop of color to any room.
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

  7. Hmm, maybe more designs like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/116461397/premade-blog-header
    I really liked it~

  8. I love the feather rings, they are really cool

    Zoe lee
    madforfashion at aol.com

  9. I'd love to see more printables in her shop. Love her designs! =0)
    Thanks for the chance. I am loving all these giveaways!

  10. I love the silver feather ring. I'd love to see more jewelry like it.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  11. I dig the leopard print social media icons.

  12. I love the feather ring and I want to see more jewelry!

  13. My favorite item is the feather ring!

  14. My favorite item is the feather ring!

  15. I am a huge fan of Kelly's blog designs (I won't tell you how sad I was when I didn't win a giveaway on her site! :)) Besides her blog designs, I love this pillow: http://www.etsy.com/listing/118203616/throw-pillow-cover-18x18-inches

  16. I like the stiched social media icons! This is so exciting! Thank you so much;-)


  17. I like the heart-shaped bullet points.

  18. I would like to see more styles of jewelry!

    <3 Melissa

  19. I love the throw pillow covers and would like to see some with a rust/orange background.

  20. I love this product - Silver Feather Ring Size 8


    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    ~ Bidisha Banerjee

  21. I like the Feather Necklace
    would like more jewellery stuffs.


  22. http://www.etsy.com/listing/118207999/fine-art-tree-print

    this is so beautiful@!

  23. Love the Girl With Balloons Print.

  24. I love this throw pillow cover! http://www.etsy.com/listing/118203616/throw-pillow-cover-18x18-inches

  25. Do these templates work with Wordpress blogs? If so, I'm interested!!

  26. I love the butterfly and camera ring as well as the sketchy icons.

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