Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Romance Knot- Spell & Sachet by ReadingsByKat

Hey everyone! This is a post from August, 2011 that I wanted to share with you again because of an update. Read through the review and find out what I discovered about this product!

Let me introduce a very fun and unique shop that I have had the pleasure to work with-- ReadingsByKat. This shop specializes in Intuitive Tarot and Custom Witchy-Wares. Unique and refreshing isn't it?

The item of day that I had the honor of reviewing is the Romance Knot-Spell and Sachet Kit. The package arrived safely wrapped in tissue paper, all ready to go in a organza bag. Sweet huh? Oh, and I also got a cute little note card as well. Maybe if you are lucky, you will get one too. ;)

Kat puts so much work in customer service and presentation. She has over 200 comments and positive feedback to prove it!

This particular Romance Spell Kit came with a candle, Blessed Sea Salt, Love Herb mix, sachet, and of course the knot spell directions. I personally think it would make a sweet gift or party favor for women between the ages of 24-60.

Although I am only reviewing the Romance Spell Kit, there is much more available in the shop from money and health. Definitely check it out!

The great thing about this sturdy spell sachet is that once you complete the steps, you continue to keep the sachet near you or with you to keep the good energy going. It's not a one time thing that is done and over it-- but continuous. I've been feeling the good energy lately and I'm loving it!
Oh, and just fyi, the Romance Herb Mix and candle has a very nice fragrance to it. You won't be disappointed!

I'm looking forward to getting my spell on and seeing what's up. I will give you all an update once we get the giveaway up and running for everyone to get a chance to win something special from ReadingsByKat as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy everyone!

Update-- 11/6/2012 A couple months after I wrote this post,  I met my current boyfriend... who I have been dating for a year now! Coming across this post made me smile and laugh thinking about how I actually get to update it! Magical it is....(: And it still smells nice!

Connect with ReadingsByKat and check in on my blog throughout next week because we will have a giveaway with ReadingsByKat as well. Lucky you huh? :)

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  1. OoOoOoo....cool! Thanks. :D

  2. Thanks so much for the great review. I'm really excited about the upcoming giveaway.


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