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Things to do in Asheville, NC

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I recently wrote about the food to eat in Asheville and now we're moving onto places to visit! We were only there during the winter for 3 nights. It was rainy so pardon the lack of outdoor variety. We wanted to do more outdoorsy stuff but the weather didn't permit.

Asheville Botanical Gardens-

Although it is a beautiful trail to jog or walk through, I would not consider this a botanical garden but more of a nature center. Plants and trees are labeled but that's about it! It was a bit rainy for our taste that day but it's still scenic with bridges and a river running through the park. I just think they labeled in incorrectly. I'd say 1 hour is fine to just walk a little bit of the trail but if you're up for more, then give yourself more time to explore the "botanical" aspect of this place. During the spring and summer, it should be a lovely walk for nature/flower lovers though. Plus, it's free!

Grove Arcade-

Grove Arcade is a mini mall with eclectic artsy shops. They decorate the whole place for the holidays and have a Gingerbread Contest as well. :) There are cafes and restaurants in between the shops. You can walk outside if the weather is nice and visit everything or go inside where there are the same entrances to every shop, just at a better temperature. It was rainy during our trip so we didn't bother prancing outside! An hour or two should be ample time to skim the place-- unless you get caught up in a shop! (I spent a good 30 minutes in a shop that sells rocks... I know. Dork.)

Grovewood Antique Car Museum and Grovewood Gallery

(I don't have any original pictures-- my camera died so here are ones I found...)
Photos of Grovewood Gallery and Car Museum, Asheville
This photo of Grovewood Gallery and Car Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I think this was one of my favorite activities during our stay in Asheville. There is a free antique car museum at the Grovewood Inn where you can see a collection of very rare and beautiful cars. They are simply lined up in rows for you to look at, each with info cards. This place is pretty big. There is a golf course, spa, art gallery, and 2 museums if we include the antique cars. There are colorful statues made by artists outside surrounded by picnic tables also! It was lovely and parking is free. Oh! And don't be alarmed driving to it; it's hidden in a neighborhood so we thought we were lost at first but you'll see the huge buildings once you get close.

 Downtown Asheville

A little city (a bit difficult to find parking in) full of shops and restaurants that are often one of a kind. They mingle amongst many free art galleries and exhibits you can buy souvenirs at as well. You will also find some name brand shops mixed in along the streets. It's a nice walk that can take a couple hours for to browse and explore! There are a lot of yarn and art shops for all of you artsy people-- this picture was taken in front of a really big bead shop!

Yep! I'm sure there is more to do with better weather and more time. :)


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