Monday, January 28, 2013

Newest Simple Bling!

Hey everyone!

I've been working hard searching for new products and looks to carry in the shop.
Lately, earrings have been really fun for me to design or to simply make.

Here are some new trends for the shop!

Tree of Life Brass Tone Earrings
Tree of Life earrings.

I love hoop life earrings and tree designs so there was something too fun and unique about this pair!

Nerdy Book Owl Silver Plated Earrings
Nerdy Owl earrings.

It's like Harry Potter meets bookworm. I love owls-- I can never get enough of them!

Origami Crane and Pearl Silver Plated Earrings
Origami Crane and Pearl earrings.

Classy and a bit youthful/hopeful. It's a look I've seen already-- just came across a good deal on the pendants. :)

I'm trying to add more size ranges since people favor different sized earrings. :)

I always go for studs these days for simplicity but occasionally like the big statement earrings.

What are your favorite kind of earrings?
Big? Small? Studs? Hoops? Dangle? Simple? Glamorous?

Let me know!



  1. I always try and wear dangling earrings, but then always come back to studs. I do like those owls though!

  2. I like simple tiny dangles but would wear all of yours above. Very pretty!

    Smiles Handmade Cuties


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