Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY: Styrofoam Stamps

Be eco-friendly everyone!

Styrofoam (although very common) is note recycle-friendly. It does not break down into materials or elements the Earth can use. Think of it like food that mother nature can't digest. So why not put it to good use if you have it lying around?

I saved some to-go boxes from recent restaurant meals and fun some fun.
I stamped around and made some cool artwork. The simpler the better since styrofoam isn't too easy to carve into or  cut. :)

Enjoy my silly video.

XO Dana


  1. Such a great eco-friendly idea! I love the end results :-D

  2. I like your "silly" video. lol =0)
    This is a great project. Boo to styrofoam (still widely used) for not being recyclable. I know many businesses use it because it is cost-effective for them. So, I agree with you - if we have to use it, we should definitely put it to some good re-use. Excellent.

  3. Very cute idea!! Make the most of what we have! Love it! ;-)


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