Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just to make you smile.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Remember that this is merely a commercial holiday and you should express your love and gratitude to people on a regular basis-- not just on this culturally prescribed day. This is a tumblr exploration to make you smile. I started with Vday and then wandered off...

XO Dana


  1. Aww it's too funny and cute as well. There's no Valentine's cemebration in my life except of exchanging of chocolates with friends. Your post made me smile honestly :)
    I would like to invite you to join my international giveaway :)
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    Aree With Umbrella

  2. Oh my gosh, Dana! This was so much fun to scroll through. And that last one - your mom's wedding photo - she hasn't noticed yet??!?!?!!??? LOL. Thanks for the smiles!

  3. Hi Dana,
    It's very fun post!
    I especially liked the zipper lovers - brilliant:-)
    And the picture of your mom at the wedding - great!

    Thank you for making me smile :-)

  4. I'm sure whose ever mom that is will be proud to know that their son or daughter is so devious. lol. Thanks for stopping by guys.


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