Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lauryn Green Shop Spotlight & Product Review

Hey everyone. :)

Hope all is well!

I recently won a print in a giveaway and it's this adorable cat print from Lauryn Green.

Laura sent me my prize (all the way from Mallorca, Spain) adorably packaged with love and I thought I should share!

I got an adorably packaged print in the mail in a nice thick eco friendly bendy proof envelope. Inside was my lovely cat drinking tea print in a cello sleeve. I also got a little personal note and Laura's business card attached with cute washi tape. The whole package was beautiful and it lived up to the wonderful print as well! The paper she printed it on feels nice and glazed, giving the print a more polished look!

I plan on having a wall full of original art and prints by folk artists so this will be perfect for then. I even peeled her business card and stuck it to the actual print so safe keeping and memorabilia. Isn't her business card darling?!

Here are some of my favorite items in her shop currently:

Autumn leaves canvas tote bag MADE TO ORDER

This made to order autumn leaves canvas tote bag is so simple and refreshing. The colors are muted but still vibrant-- just the way I like my wardrobe colors!

Born to be wild mini print

These foxes... ahhh! Laura draws a lot of furry friends in the most adorable ways... :)
On top of that, she's graphically savvy ad can make you custom business cards or banners. Just look at her adorable blog. It says it all for me.

Yup. So that's it for today folk. Hope you enjoyed the friendly artwork of Lauryn Green. Be sure to check out her shop and blog-- she's very talented and sweet.



  1. Hey! Thank you for your words, I appreciate it a lot :)
    I'm really happy you liked it.
    (a small specification, I'm from Mallorca, not from Barcelona hehe)

  2. Ooh thank you! I went ahead and edited it! :)


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