Friday, February 8, 2013

Product Review: Bang Style's Volumizing Shampoo

Hey guys!

I won a giveaway with Bangstyle around New Years and received my package so I had to share!
You know how much I love product reviews. :)

So who is Bangstyle?
This is straight off their about us section. I pulled out my favorite highlights:

Bangstyle is the ultimate hair photo sharing community and current arts resource for stylists to connect and share with artists worldwide.

The BANGSTYLE brand is a comprehensive resource that redefines hair and culture for the ultimate experience with a multifaceted approach. Bangstyle.com is the world´s fastest growing hair and culture site, and the new hair photo sharing App brings the brand to your fingertips. 

Bangstyle's range of independently produced artisan hair care products were developed by artists for stylists and trendsetters worldwide; giving individuals the inspiration to create their own unique look with a variety of specially formulated, no-nonsense products. The selective line of 14 professional, high performance products delivers on their promise to give consumers exceptional hair care; leaving it better than they found it. All products boast a color safe formula free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride; and contain sunscreen to protect hair, and product, from UV damage. Bangstyle products are sold exclusively in salons. 

Now here is a screenshot of their product info. Check out their website-- every item they sell comes with a description and video. You can also browse hairstyles, salons, and stylists.

So I got to pick a product... and I went with volumizing shampoo since I have flat lifeless Asian hair!

How I liked this product:
So... I have never used an all natural hair product or shampoo before. I usually just use Pantene ProV and although I explore a lot of skin products, rarely do I experiment with shampoo. 

This was a neat experience. The shampoo came in a cardboard envelope wrapped in soft pink tissue paper that matched the Bangstyle label. 

I tried out the shampoo and to my surprise, it had this wonderful scent that words probably can't describe. I find hair products overbearing at times. Bangstyle's shampoo was fragrant-- reminding me of coconut and a bit of cotton candy or flowers but not really leaning towards fruit or flower completely. It is indeed the awesome limbo between that I have never come across before.

 (The back of the bottle made me laugh. "no friggin' parabens" is right!)

The texture of the shampoo is like a thick gel and it lathers fine but isn't too foamy. 
I finished my haircare the same way I always do to see if there were any notable differences.

There was! Just as their description says:
Ideal for fine hair, this volumizing shampoo provides body and shine. The weightless formula adds instant thickness and volume to limp hair.

My hair feels soft and less tangled while remaining shiny. I've always had volume issues-- by that I mean I have none. And Bangstyle's shampoo gives a nice lift to the roots of my hair. When I brush my fingers through my hair, it literally feels coated with love and natural oils. Your hair will smell great ( not overbearing) and feel great. It brought out my waves too as you can see. :)

Bangstyle is a great product. I'm tempted to try all of their products-- especially their hydrating shampoo for the dry winter season.

Make sure to check out their art community-- it's very well integrated!
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