Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Newest Projects

Hey everyone!

I have been working hard on new projects while getting in my GRE study time. :)
I just wanted to share some cool stuff that I made recently. Leave me some feedback and ideas-- I appreciate all constructive criticism.

I found some really cool galaxy beads and feel in love with them. I made simple galaxy raindrop earrings out of them just like my pearl raindrop best sellers.

Galaxy Raindrop Silver Plated Earrings

The vintage map origami star garlands are back! I have a huge stack of National Geographics to work through so I will keep em' coming too! I'm going to make a wreath next. :D

Vintage Map Paper Origami Star Garland

I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy books. I don't know about the movies though :\. But anyway... here's a tribute to the books keychain style! What's really cool about this keychain is that the back of the mokingjay has these cool intricate flowers on it.

Hunger Games Tribute 18 Karat gold plated Keychain

Yup. That's it for this week. Enjoy everyone!
Have a good upcoming weekend!



  1. LOL - I already saw these beauties in your shop earlier today! =0)

  2. Hii! I really like these things! I love HG so much too and the origami bracelet is soo wonderful!

    xoxo Barbora♥


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