Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Mums Wall Decor

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well!

I am really filming a lot of videos lately and just trying out new stuff. Hope you don't mind. :)

Here's a fun diy video on how to make paper mums out of magazine paper. You can really make them any size as long as the cut the paper down if you want them smaller. I want to make a couple for my bare wall. :)

In other news... I'm still driving myself crazy reading up on different hosting services and domain sellers. I've got a great thread going on etsy about it if anyone else is thinking about buying a domain. Click here to read many etsian's opinions and advice!

I have some random photos to share. I never thought of life or a cup or water this way... but I like it.
Keep going even when you're dealing with something that's crappy. :)

And this is a technique someone posted on healthy living. They make pre-made salads and put them in jars. Nifty huh? Just put all the dressing, tomatoes, and liquid-heavy foods at the bottom and stack it up. When you need to eat, you can just dump the jar out onto a plate and go at it. Smart huh? It stays fresh for up to a week and somewhat forces you into eating your greens! :)

Well, that's about it. I would really love some guest bloggers post on my blog. If you are interested, totally leave a comment and I will contact you! :)

I wish warm weather would come faster. It's been miserable lately and JUST warming up yet again. 
How's the weather where you are from? :)


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