Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ready for Summer Giveaway Party: La Barra Dulce

 Hey everyone!

We're back continuing our awesome ready for summer giveaway with Regina from Guatemala!

La Barra Dulce  specializes in custom printables and DIY party kits-- perfect for this upcoming summer doncha think? :)

What got you started on designing party kit sets?

I'm a Guatemalan Graphic and Industrial designer so when my first niece was born my sister asked me to help her organize her first birthday so I designed everything and organized the whole party, then by word of mouth I started selling custom personal cards and invitations to friends thru a small blog, then party supplies and now custom cakes and sweets, and everything for your party.
I work full time in my party supplies and cake bussines, I am my own boss.
(Being your own boss full time sounds awesome!)

Here are some of my favorite items!

Tinkerbell PRINTABLE Party kit Tinker bell fairy Campanita Hadas Periwinkle La Fée Clochette Mundo das Fadas Sininho

This Tinkerbell party kit really caught my eye for the summer. It's green and pink-- makes me think of watermelons! You get everything from cupcake wrappers to party flags. Neat right?

Princess Ballerina Fairy tale 7 CLIPARTS  & Free Prince Charming BONUS %  PRINTABLES

You can never get too old for Disney princesses... at least I don't think so. These princess ballerinas are so sweet and you get a bonus prince charming as well! Princess Tiana and Rapunsel are extra cute. Which Disney princess is your favorite? :)

Favorite part about running your own business?

I've been selling online in my webpage and Facebook pages since 2004, mainly in my country Guatemala and in Central America. In 2010 I discovered Etsy and 1 year later I started my Etsy shop "la barra dulce" (spanish for "The candy bar") selling printables and washi tapes, now I only sell DIY Party Printables kits with clients from all over: Australia, Brasil, Spain or Canada.

So I'm moving onto the giveaway so I can share your options as our winner! Regine from La Barra Dulce is giving away 1 $20 DIY party kit printable with custom banner text for the perfect party!  Choose from an Owl hoot design, Soccer party in any color, or  the Mexican fiesta. Winner chooses design and custom color and it will be a jpeg file sent to the winner's email.

USA Soccer PRINTABLE American flag 4 of july Fourth Independence Estados Unidos Cuatro de Julio PARTY package kit futebol futbol
Mexican Fiesta PRINTABLE Party kit package sombrero fiesta margarita tequila 5 de mayo

This Owl hoot party kit is my favorite out of 3 since I'm a huge owl fan!
Owl Hoot PARTY Package kit Buho Bird baby 31 Printables

Connect with Regine and La Barra Dulce:

Now let's get to the giveaway!! Wee! Good Luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. We're also giving away a pair of designer shades (you pick if you win) and you should enter because it's free and easy!! Ends 6/21/13 -- Enter Firmoo Eyewear's giveaway here.

xoxo Dana 


  1. I like http://www.etsy.com/listing/123257294/tinkerbell-printable-party-kit-tinker?ref=shop_home_active

    ale84.vercelli at hotmail dot it

  2. I really like the tinker bell set https://www.etsy.com/listing/123257294/tinkerbell-printable-party-kit-tinker

    Jessica Miller

  3. I like the soccer print!


  4. i like soccer party

    gustosa giveaways
    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

  5. I love the Owl Hoot party kit! ♥

    Bea S

  6. Hello! I'm contacting you for several reasons. First, I wanted to invite you, if you ever have a giveaway again that's nearing it's end (6 days or less from ending) and is under 100 comments, please come share it at suchfuntogive.blogspot.com and I'll be happy to help you promote it.

    My second question is, I know you are from Guatamala, and I was wondering what you can tell me about rules governing giveaways there. I would like to make the giveaways on my blog open to as many places as possible, but I know different places have different rules about how you can run your giveaways (like for Canada you need to have a skill aspect, such as a three part math problem, and for Austrailia you need to register). Other places don't have any rules governing giveaways. I'm wondering what you can tell me about giveaway laws in Guatamala? ecarian@yahoo.com

  7. Hey Gale!I you reach La Barra Dulce through their etsy shop above. I only hosted for them a long time ago. So I'm just letting you know she can't be reached here!


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