Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cute Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Hey everyone!

I found some really neat ways to make a guestbook (mostly for a wedding but you can adapt it for other events) and that are unique and clever. Let's get sharing!

Make some kind of abstract artwork with bubbles or squares for people to sign. I saw a cool one with honeycomb shapes -- very neat! Then frame it!It will double as a wedding keepsake and art. You could even get canvases with collages of photos in it with blank spots for signing as well. This bubble artwork is clever since you can match the colors to your wedding or to your house interior.

instead of a traditional guest book, have people sign blank puzzle pieces and then frame it!

guest book

Get blank puzzle pieces for people to sign and then match them up with your partner as you read through them. You can mount them down and frame them as well. Consider printing an image of you two onto a big puzzle that has either a lot of light or a lot of darkness. Then, have them sign with thin sharpies of the opposite color. Of course, set aside the pieces with your faces and body for safe keeping.

Have your guests sign some purdy rocks! (Only if you can think of something creative to do with them afterwards). These are pretty cool for a rock garden or some kind of display but they do take up more space!

I really love this idea of a polaroid guestbook. All your guests can take selfies or have a photographer stand by with some empty frames and silly props. Hang them up to dry and to display. They can sign on the bottom of the photos and you can scrapbook them or do something fun with them all.

sign in book

Bring in a new set of jenga and have everyone sign a block. Every time you play this game, you get to read all the lovely wishes people wrote down for your wedding date. The only problem I have with this one is when the fade or get to old. They aren't very display-able since it would stay in a box.

guest book

I love this idea of getting a favorite children's book or any book for the matter and getting people to sign around the pages. It would be like a yearbook. If you wanted it to be more personalized, you could turn your engagement photoshoots into a book and have them sign that instead. It would double as a photo album and guestbook!

Aren't these ideas pretty cool? What is you favorite guestbook idea? Do you have any others outside of the ones I mentioned? Feel free to share!


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  1. So many fun and unique ideas! I really like the puzzle piece and polaroid suggestions. The Jenga game one is fun too. =0)


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