Monday, May 27, 2013

How Lego Became What it is Today

Hey everyone,

I recently noticed a video circulating that is an animated history of LEGO.
It's a great and inspiring story that I think you should take the time to watch. Kids would enjoy it as well.

Here's the caption from the original sharer on facebook:
This story will inspire the old and young alike. Never too old to try and never give up. A story of a Father's Love to his Kids.. created a toy. Factory got burned down. Out of Job. All the hardships and failure will lead to something. And it often Lead to something Great! ... this is the Lego Story.
Here is the link to the video.  

It's pretty amazing how far this company came from selling wooden toys. :) 

Since I've been pretty frustrated with being an "adult" and trying to get by some major hurdles, I feel like I really needed a video like this. I mean... surviving two fires and practically being bankrupt through an entire business venture is beyond scary! It's amazing how much persistence existed in this family. :) 

Hope you guys watch it! Have a good week!


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