Monday, May 6, 2013

Photography session: Tennessee Aquarium

Hey everyone!

I realized I should probably start sharing some of my photo session with you all since I enjoy it so much. Here are some photos edited and ready to be printed/hung from my most recent trip to Tennessee. It's mostly of the aquarium but some are just from around the area/architecture... ya know!

 I called this piece "Chin Up" There was actually one more bigger turtle behind these two but it wouldn't look up anywhere so I stood there for a while aiming for the perfect picture and resorted to these two once the third went back into the water. So cute!

 Does this look familiar to you? Yeah... It looks like Darth Vader's Helmet/Head. The is strangely a jellyfish I came across that looked just like Darth Vader. I named in Darth Vader Jelly. Creative, I know.

"The Golden Boy" was taken on the bridge off the Chattahoochie River (I think?) right by the a aquarium as well. I made it light and whimsical for a dreamy touch.

These Upside down jellyfish don't do much but they sure are cool to loo at. I called this one "Handstands"...although they have no hands. lol. I love the glowing dots on them!

A very very exo-skeleton looking shot of a lovely dancing jellyfish. They are so mesmerizing!

I named this one Marlin... if you don't get the reference, please go watch Finding Nemo!

Well, that's a handful for now. I'm always on crazy long editing sprees and it takes forever to upload everything and organize all the folders. I'll try to share more photos like this for every event hopefully. Thanks for swinging by! Let me know your favorite! xoxo Dana

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