Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Start a Blog and What to Write About

Hey everyone,

Recently, I had a conversation with a blogger friend about her blog growing and what to do to keep readers engaged and following. I know that a lot of people who aren't interested in blogs think that's it can be a waste of time but to others, it can make a great community to share about.. well whatever your blog is about!


Well... there's isn't much I can say but to find your blog niche and to stay creative. Here's chunks of our convo:

Her: So I wanted to ask you something regarding blog writing in general. I have not written a post in about a week. I guess I am not sure of what to write about. I think I have been doing well so far, which is good. But I am not really sure where to take it next. Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to write a successful blog?

Me:  I try to just write about things I am passionate about. I like collabs and giveaways of course but I also like skin care and art festivals so I write about stuff I did or want to do... things I'm interested in but all under the umbrella of crafts and artsy ways of home decor or self preservation.

Her: I figured you just write about things you are passionate about. It is good advice, and I think it is what the most successful blogs do, since that shows through. I really just need to think about what other things I am passionate about, and also grow the things I already know I love.

I thought about this after this convo... and think there are definitely some clear steps to follow but after that, it's really up to you and your personal choices on what to share with your readers. It comes easier for some and others may have a harder time if they are more structural.


1. Make a blog with a name that fits what you want to talk about. Are you a fashion blogger or a stay at home mommy of two?  Reflect your brand in the name of your blog. Mines all about just happy thoughts, adventures, and art... hence Cheers to Novelty. It's more broad so if you don't want to be pinned down to a genre of blog entries... keep it vague. But don't forget personality.


2. Make your blog easy to read and use the tabs and labels efficiently. No one wants to read a blog that has a million ads and flashy colors/fonts tossed everywhere. Create a simple template (most blogs offer premade freebies that you can tweak like blogger) and work with 3-4 colors max. I usually stick to a white or light background and use my favorite colors as highlights throughout the blog.


3. Make sure that you are building a connection with your readers. Every entry should show a bit of you while sharing something interesting and not always centered around you. Yes, share about your life but make it relatable to more people.


4. Start collaborating with other bloggers and join in on the fun. There are always blog hops and guest blog entries happening everywhere. The blogging community in my experience is very friendly so why not reach out and connect!


5. Host a givaway once in a while to bring in new traffic with your sponsor. It's a win win and everyone gets a shot at winning something special.


6. Biggest pointer: Never be someone you aren't. Don't write about it if you aren't into it and share your creative ideas with everyone. I love a blog for it's personality and flavor... not really about how nice it looks or how many readers they have. All that extra stuff can be handled in due time.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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  1. These are all excellent tips! When I started blogging, it was just for an online journal of our adventure with having a small family business. Now it's a little bit of everything, and it's so much fun sharing and connecting with others. =0)


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