Monday, June 24, 2013

Terrible at updating and busybusybusy!

Hey everyone...

I'm getting worse and worse about updating my blog. I used to schedule post ideas in advance for future weeks since they would be posts that would eventually go live.. might as well schedule them in advance! But I've been falling behind on all this stuff.

My grandparents and aunt are visiting soon and unfortunately, it will probably be my grandparents' last visit here since they are getting pretty old. It's crazy because my grandpa is 91 and still doing very well for his age. Hopefully, we'll all have some good family time and also get some sunshine. :)

I've been mainly working on three things for the past month. An eccomerce shop, spending time with my sister (who just got back from teaching English in South Korea for a year), and the paperwork for my art therapy job.

The art therapy bit has been driving me crazy. I didn't realize how long government medicare paperwork takes to process for potential employees. But I am rather excited since I will be teaching art to a sweet autistic woman. :D

In the process of all of this, I did however continue to film some silly silly things for youtube. I'm not really sure where this channel is going and what I intended for it but it's an accumulation of art, DIYs, and beauty/fashion tips. I'll share two for today.

This is a speed painting of the famous painting The Scream.

This is an easy summer nail look.

Enjoy everyone. Tell me what you are up to these summer days. :)

Cheers, Dana

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