Monday, July 1, 2013

Beautiful Mountains and Vineyards

Hey everyone,

It looks like I'm down to a one blog post a week schedule... oh well. I don't think anyone will miss me. :) Hope all is well with you all.

I recently went to visit the North Georgia Mountains and it was so gorgeous... I had to share pictures!

So placid and serene isn't it? I went to a lovely vineyard with my boyfriend and just walked around with a glass of wine. It was a shame that it was rainy but it still worked out nicely.

It's that time of year to suck it up and take my GREs... why we must take standardized tests in order o get into schools is a question we all fail to answer. But I get it... it's the easiest standardized way to rank our knowledge of basic material... to bad I am a terrible test taker. Wish me luck!!

So what have you been all up to these summer days? Any 4th of July plans? :D




  1. Oh my--those pictures make me want to be there. I just got a new bike, and I'd love to take it to places like that while listening to my MP3 player. Good luck on the test! My little sister is horrible at test taking--but she's really, really smart--just has a little anxiety about them. I think for the fourth of July, I'll be stayin' in, drinking, and lighting up some sparklers, hehe.

  2. What a beautiful place! I bet it was a really fun and relaxing visit.
    SO many people are terrible test-takers - I had my fair share of really bad tests! I hope you do (or did) well. =0)

    I hope you had a great 4th of July as well. We took a trip to the local park to watch the fireworks display, and then we came home and lit fireworks in the driveway too. It was fun.



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