Friday, July 26, 2013

Cutting your shorts a reasonable length?

Hey everybody!

It's right smack in the middle of summer and all I can look forward to wearing are shorts and dresses.
But it's been really hard to find decent lengths for anything these days. For dresses, I prefer right above or below the knee and for shorts... well I'd like them to cover my butt cheeks.:X

So here is a tutorial on how you can cut old or unwanted denim jeans into your perfect length shorts.


I hope they are helpful! :D

I've had family over for the past month and it has been beyond hectic! Sorry about the lack of posts everyone. I still have a giveaway going-- I extended the date to the 31st so enter if you have not!

Click me to enter on facebook!

These are 3 handmade earrings that are all on silver plated nickel free hooks. :) Yay.

I think that's it for now.. so tired... went fishing today with my family and ... well... we came home with... zero fish. I was tempted o ask the gentleman next to me if I could just take a picture with one of his. LOL. I didn't...

But it was surely beautiful! However, I got an extremely strange tan line from these sandals...Oh well! Have a good weekend everybody. <3

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  1. LOVE the tutorial. I take my daughter to buy shorts, and they're always too short (not to mention, the prices are the same as pants - what's up with that?).
    I already entered your giveaway (fingers crossed!).
    LOL on the tan line, that happens to me too. Especially now that I don't go out in the sun too much anymore...All I need is an hour or two, and my feet will have a sandal tan!


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