Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Mood Changing Nail Polish Review

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It's been a while. Hope everyone is well. :)
I'm back with a review for my newest sponsor the Born Pretty Store.
This online boutique has all sorts of nail polish and art supplies for a great deal and free shipping worldwide!

I decided to review a mood changing nail polish since I have never heard of that and found it pretty darn awesome. Let's briefly go over the packaging. The polish came in a bottle that was in a box, wrapped in bubble wrap, and shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. Basically, nothing could go wrong!

This magic purple/sky blue mood changing polish comes in a standard nail polish bottle.
It's $7.84 per bottle and if you like mood rings, you'll love this polish.

I was very excited to try it out and when it dried for me, it was completely sky blue. It's the summer and my hands were warm so that's the warm shade. But when you wash your hands in cold water or place it against air conditioning, it starts to turn ... dun duh duh dunnnn purple! I'm excited to use it during the winter since it will be the inverse and stay at purple more unless I hibernate and stay inside a lot. :D

This Born Pretty nail polish is very cool and fun for all of you easily amused people such as myself. Here's a video just to show you how much fun it is.

The mood changing polish pros:
- it applies smoothly with no air bubbles/clumps
- it has no strong nail varnish odor
- the brush allows easy application on the nails
- the colors swirl & blend as you paint
- its exciting to see that it has changed throughout your day

The mood changing polish cons:
- you will need at least two thick coatings
- when it dries, it has a matte finish that is slightly streaky
- you will need a clear top coat to seal in the deal
- your nails are likely to stay one color and not a blend as pictured unless you are consistently dealing with temperature change

If you aren't fond of sky blue and purple, you can look at the other variety of color blends the Born Pretty Store offers here. This orange and yellow blend would have been my second choice:

The video shows you my fascination with Born Pretty's nail polish really well.
Since you guys are awesome readers, I'm offering you all a special discount code!
The Born Pretty Store offers worldwide free shipping so no worries about extra shipping fees!

Enjoy and make sure to check out the Born Pretty Store's other sections. It's not just nail art-related products!

So go go go!

Thanks for reading guys. :)

Have a good week!


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  1. My daughter and I have been wanting to try some of this polish for a loooooong time! We love mood rings (as you can probably tell from our shop), so when this polish first came out, it went on our "I want to try this" List. Sadly, we just haven't gotten to it yet. Some of the color combos weren't for us, but I really like that blue/purple mix!!!
    Thanks for the review!!! I'll check out the site now.


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