Saturday, August 24, 2013

To Be a Dandelion

Hey everyone,

I don't know about you guys but I was an intense journal-writing teen and that included really long blog entries that I never shared with anyone. Amongst them, I found a piece that I wrote a few years ago. It really struck a chord with me and where I am at personally in my life-- a dip.

It's nice to know that something I am feeling now that feels like it won't pass.. will pass because I have written about it before. I've been trying to just get better and stronger since my recent sicknesses. I'm also working out actively to help with the blood circulation and overall physique.
Aim for 3x a week for workouts at minimum everyone!! 

Here’s a little personal penguin trainer to motivate you to stay healthy (or start today)! It’s not my usual kind of drawing, but if it can inspire just one person to start being more active like taking a walk, it’s well worth it for me. :D

So here goes...

 August 13, 2011
I wrote an entry back at the end of my first college semester. I came across it today and felt not only alleviation but a nice spark of confidence. I wrote this and I meant every word of it— for all of us.

November 20, 2009
I get a vocab word sent to my phone every morning and today’s was hoodwinked.
Fun little or not so little word, isn’t it? It means tricked, but it sounds like such a fun word.
Thursdays are cleaning days. This includes vacuuming, dusting, the laundry, and filtering out the build up of nonsense in my head. It’s nice and I just go straight back to work afterwards.
My first college semester is coming to an end rather quickly. Yesterday was the last set of lecture classes and all that is left now are the finals. It’s exhilarating yet astonishingly sad.
I’ve never been happy with the fact that time seems to move on so fast and a lot of the times, it leaves me in its dust.

Sometimes, I’d much prefer being in the dust than running along by its side in full speed. It scares me. It’s scares me to no end actually.

It makes me feel anxious and out of time. Then I realize it really does not matter since everything comes to an end. Then I find myself caught in another vicious circle about why I work so much when I’m bound to die one day. (Of course, I fight that argument with myself by saying that I could make a difference in the amount of years that I am alive.)

But yes.  Every time I am outside with my dog, I watch her run around happily and stare at the grass when she isn’t close enough to observe. I see tiny purple and yellow flowers, grass, pine cones, a whole lot of dirt, and weeds.

I love weeds. I know it sounds odd and I probably feel this way because I have never had to weed-pick, but I think they’re special.

I think it’s safe to say that our lives are much like flowers. As children, we are buds– beautiful and young; highly anticipated. And when we reach our golden years, we have come to a full bloom. Of course, that is the highlight of a flower’s life. It’s colors are at full-scale, along with its petals, until it begins to wilt. Flowers wilt slowly and inevitably, showing the aging process in an almost painful way. They brown and wither, we wrinkle and lose posture while shrinking– it’s all the same.

But weeds… well.

Weeds will always look the same. They receive no more criticism than, “I don’t want them in my lawn,” and if you find them in their natural surroundings (not someone’s fertilized and mowed backyard) they are beautiful. Some are just green shrub-like plants, while others are more textured like dandelions. They are not awaiting to bloom, nor will anyone notice them dying because they honestly don’t pay much attention to them. They are free to be and do whatever they want, but flowers always have to place in the show.

I want to be a dandelion. I don’t want to have to live up to any expectations of blooming or becoming something more, but I want to be that surprise that no one expected from a dandelion. They seem more normal to me. On top of that, they are more resilient. You could pull as many weeds as you want, but they will constantly come back to haunt you. I don’t haunt people, but what I’m saying is I’m here to stay. Weeds are much more powerful than we give them credit for. At least I think so.

We don’t wish upon roses, but we do wish upon dandelions.

But it’s nothing more than a weed.
They’re useless and hideous.
They only cause trouble.

I don’t think so. I just think they’re misunderstood, like many of us actually.
People bloom in different ways and definitely don’t follow a timed schedule for growth by any means.

If we wish upon dandelions, they are right up there with the stars.
Norms can really kill a perception of something or someone.
Nothing is set unless you believe it to be so.

In the end, we’ve all been hoodwinked, but don’t be fooled because you are indeed a dandelion.


This explains why I have so many photos of dandelions from back in the day... hope you guys enjoyed that. I've moved onto adapting my belief of us being weeds to us being trees. But in the context of flowers and weeds... I would hop to be a weed-- stronger than I look.



  1. I don't think so either Dana. I love dandelions. number one.....they are STRONG. hard to keep down. but blow ever so lightly and spread their prettiness on the wind.

  2. I am SO LOVING this post, Dana, and I'm glad you decided to share. I used to write in a journal when I was a teen...Not so much anymore, and I miss it. Thank you for this post.

    And...I'm taking the 30-day sqaut challenge with my daughter. =0)

  3. I stumbled across this post from my bloggin pal Kim and I am in love with it! So beautiful!


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