Friday, September 20, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Lolita Black Leggings Review

Hey everyone!

I'm just all over the place with all these fun posts recently.
I'm back with another review for the awesome Born Pretty Store.

I actually got this package with the hair chalk that I reviewed a while back but couldn't test them out because it was still too hot!! It's finally cooling down and feeling like the fall. :D

I wore my new black leggings to work today and here's how it goes:

These leggings are so so chic and fabulous for a very reasonable price. They reminded of ballerina slippers instantly and just had this really unique look to them! I love leggings and tights so when I saw these, I immediately knew I wanted to try them out. They come in one size and are $7.69 a pair with free shipping.

When they arrived safely, I examined them and cut off some loose strings. Make sure to knot them before cutting them off just in case it leads to unraveling. I had a big on towards the bottom and removed it safely. Other than some loose strings, there wasn't anything wrong with these leggings.

As you can see, the laced upper layer is not sewn down to the sheer tight part of the fabric. The "strips" move around freely-- which I like so I can scoot them around for styling purposes.

I need to talk about the size more thoroughly because the Born Pretty Store's description says that its:
* Fashion, sexy, comfortable
* High quality due to the original material
* Material: Organza Poly +
* Size: S-XXL fits for 150-180cm, hip: 83-115cm
* Color: Black
* Quantity: 1

I agree that these leggings are comfy and the description seems fairly straight forward except the size. I am a S/M in U.S. sizing with a pants size between 4 (in adult)-5/6 (in junior) depending on the brand.  There is no way that anyone larger than this size would fit these leggings because they are made in Asia. Asia's sizing is much smaller than the U.S.'s and a range saying S-XXL in Asia might as well say XS-M in the U.S.

These black leggings are very low rise. If you have a curvier body, it's unlikely they will fit you because the back side of the leggings is not longer than the front and will move down when you bend over. It's not a huge problem for me since I am not wearing these leggings as pants but it may be for others. The stitching on the side isn't the tightest either so I wouldn't risk investing in these leggings unless you know that they will fit you for sure!

Over all, I think they are really cute and affordable. I plan on wearing them with oversized long sweaters or shirts during the fall and winter. Wearing them with denim shorts also works as well as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple. :)

Here are some examples off of the Born Pretty Store's website:


Super cute. :) Make sure to check out the Born Pretty Store. They offer 24/7 worldwide free shipping.
Plus, as a Cheers to Novelty reader, you get an extra 10% off through me!! :D

Make sure to use the code ZFL91 during check out!

Thanks everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)


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  1. Yep, these leggings will be cute for fall with an oversize sweater! Thanks for the review. I'll check out their site.


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