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Born Pretty Store: Pastel Hair Chalk Review

Hey guys!

I started my first week as an art therapist and it has been fun/tiring/rewarding.. yeah. :)

On the plus side, I'm here with a fun review on hair chalk. I've wanted to try this out for a while no and never got to. I teamed up with the Born Pretty Store and finally got to test it out!

So there are a variety of these artist pastel chalks you can choose from.

I chose from these temporary color chalks in color 027.
Each individual piece of chalk is only $2.17 and free shipping world wide.

I think it's fabulous on light colored hair since it shows up more vibrantly and even lasts a couple days. Since I have jet black/brown hair, it was interesting testing this out on me.

The biggest issue I had with this chalk is that it didn't stick to my hair and therefore did not even get a chance to last. I noticed that the directions need to be more specific to everyone with different hair colors and textures in order to get the best results. I pasted the directions on the Born Pretty Store's page below and added my tips and tricks.

Notice: the chalk maybe a little crushed during the shipping for chalk stick shape but still be usable, please consider this before buying, thank you!

(Mine came wrapped in a styrofoam bedding and unbroken-- perfect!)

Easy to Use and temporary:
1.) Section off the amount of hair you want to color.

I suggest smaller strips like less than 1 inch as if you are using a small curling iron or straightener. Pin up your unwanted hair. I tested it out on a larger chunk of hair and ended up with a lot of knotting because the chalk didn't handle that much hair at once that well.

2.) Spray the section of hair so its damp.

I suggest to shower the day before and use this baby sometime in the morning or afternoon before going out for the day. ( I tested it out when it was almost dry after a shower and it didn't work out so well. )

A method that works better for me and doesn't snag or damage my hair is to wet the chalk instead of your hair. I suggest this because all the loose powder got everywhere so make sure to wear a useless or inexpensive shirt. Do the application on hardwood or better yet a bathroom so you can sweep up excess debris from the chalk.

3.) Apply chalk to the desired color more chalk the brighter the color.

This step is straightforward. The more you rub it on, the darker it turns up. Do not rub in an up and down motion. It will tangle your hair. Start from the top and sweep down and start again from where ever you want but do not "rub" to cause friction.

4.) Let air Dry this is very important to allow to air dry

Since your whole head of hair won't be wet from showering, it should be easier to indicate if the strips of hair you chalked are dry or not. If you aren't sure, I'd wait a bit longer. While you wait, browse the Born Pretty Store!

5.) Flat Iron the hair to heat seal the color in.

Since you are working with small strips of hair, sealing them in with heat should be easy. The chalk did get on my straightener but that's expected. It will get on your hands and stain them a bit but nothing a couples good hand washes won't get it. I straightened the section a couple times and untangled where I needed to. It does get a little knotted and clumpy because of the chalk drying process. I suggest not touching your hair excessively throughout the day either since it could get on your fingers or your clothes.

This chalk is non-toxic and will stay in the hair for 1-2 washes depending on your hair color.
This is how it turned out with my hair. It comes out more of a forest green on me but hey-- it shows!

Pros to hair chalk:
1. It's temporary fun to your hair!
2. It washes out nicely and doesn't take too long to apply.
3. If you have light hair color, the color could last for several days.
4. It's inexpensive and great for all ages. 

Cons to hair chalk:
1. It isn't clean application-- it will get on your fingers / shirt / sink / etc.
2. For dark hair, it will last from one shower to the next.
3. You will need a hair straightener or hair curler to seal in the chalk with heat.
4. Your hair won't flow like your normal texture but will be a bit stiff/knotted.

So that's my review. The Born Pretty Store's Pastel hair chalk is a pretty awesome idea. Definitely try it for yourself if you are interested since all hair looks different with it. :)

Use the coupon code ZFL91 during check out to receive a 10% discount. Remember, the Born Pretty Store offers free shipping world wide 24/7 so no need to worry about that!

Thanks for reading my post everyone!

Leave a comment about what color you would choose to use if you tried this out! :D



  1. My daughter and I have been wanting to try hair chalk. When I showed my daughter, the first thing she said is, "I don't have blond hair. Would it work?" We have jet black/super dark brown hair too! Thanks for the awesome review, Dana.

  2. Yeah! Surprisingly, it shows up fairly well! :D SO glad it was helpful Kim!


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