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Do you feel appropriate taking pictures of other artists' artwork?

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I recently went to a huge arts festival in Atlanta and noticed that a lot of people were taking photos of the artists' works. I tend to not do this as an artist myself unless I plan on properly promoting them by getting their social networks and linking up their photos so that I can credit the artist properly.
 But growing up, I just thought "oh how cool" "ooh so and so would love to see this" and stopped there with pictures. I guess I have learned more about respecting other people's work-- in any genre. School teaches proper "quoting" etiquette and citations for research papers from writers and researchers...but not for the artistic realm now that think about it.

Now that I understand the artist community just a tag bit more, I wanted to know how you all feel about that on both sides as vendors or consumers.

Do you feel comfortable with people taking pictures of your artwork?
Do you feel comfortable taking pictures of others' artwork?

I ask because...

If you aren't giving proper credit to the artist and just randomly sharing on facebook or instagram, no one will be able to track down the artist if they wanted to look more into their work. If it was cool enough to take a picture of, wouldn't it be prudent to grab a business card in their booth or tent and share that too? I'd say so!

And as an artist of any genre-- especially canvas pieces-- do you feel iffy about photos being taken of your work? I guess for one... there is the possibility of idea plagiarism but I think I am mainly caught up on how that photo will never trace back to you unless consumers really know how to share it. If you do accept photography of your work, I would put up a sign simply saying "tag me @..." or "something creative here" for consumers to go by. A simple twitter or facebook page could make all the difference with your online traffic after a festival as well. And if they seem to have missed the sign somehow, I would be comfortable saying as an artist, "Thanks for enjoying my work. Please accredit me through my social media or website. Here, have a business card."

This just brought me back to a full circle on how important it is to "tag" vendors and producers of all kinds. It's easy to say it for clothing brands when you are wearing "brand name here" but not for artists or designers. And since we are all trying to brand ourselves as unique artists or "mini brands" as well, it would be very necessary for people to treat our companies or names as a brand as well.

I never thought about this before! So the next time you are browsing artwork and snap a photo of it, make sure to at least get the name of the artist. Even if you are pulling content online and the photo of someone's work is not watermarked, you should stick a link at the end of your shared tumblr or blog post. It's just right! I like to just take a photo of the info next to a wall art piece rather than attempting to memorize it so that I can easily find it later. If their name or info is somewhere and not in business card form, snap an extra photo of it. You know you can handle that!

I think this is very different for museums displaying deceased and famous artists' artwork over artists who are alive and well right now. Think about it. It's a lot easier to recognize Van Gogh's work or even direct an interested person to a museum name or exhibit name over a vague festival or random Saturday afternoon. I'm not saying we don't have to accredit famous artists because we still should but for small town fries like me, no one will recognize my work as anything but a "cool" photo that someone they knew took. I believe artists should be accredited just as much as writers and researchers are. So make sure you are playing your part as a vendor or consumer to help each other out. Where ever you draw inspiration-- whether it is through online networks or community ones-- make sure you are citing and properly giving credit to everyone. Then everyone's happy!

Good? Good. :)

Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

And now.. I leave you with my festival photos.

Haha! I was definitely too mesmerized to take pictures of the artists' work. I took these while I was sitting on on some steps eating pecans and drinking $4 lemonade. :D

Cheers everyone!

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