Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Forever?

Hello lovelies!

Fall is right around the corner and with that being said... I think I will miss summer. :(
Well... not the mosquitoes or the crazy hot days but being able to enjoy popsicles and walks in the park more. :)

I will start off with my favorite summer nail looks:

Since I'm lactose intolerant.. I really enjoy fruity flavors like sorbet and from time to time... dippin dots! They are so much fun to eat when they clump and pop in your mouth. Lots of fun colors were used for this look but it doesn't look overbearing in the end in my opinion. :)
Fluffy clouds and white daisies are very summery and happy. You can rotate the designs however you want or just stick to one. Your choice! You can find nail tutorials on both of these looks here.

So now that fall is approaching... I am cleaning my room a bit to gear towards fall. I started moving my very summer clothes to the back of my closet (or in a box) and kept my layering clothes out.

I noticed I don't really have seasonal clothes with the exception of a few dresses that are very warm colored. Other than those pieces, I wear all my clothes all year round!

The looks I am interested in this fall are pretty simple and comfy staple piece investments as well.

Here are some styles that are right up my alley that I found on tumblr. Layers, oversized sweaters, and some leggings. :)

Yeah... I'm not much for shopping so I do see a select few pieces as very essential staple pieces for a season. I love having fun with fashion but I'm not about to go spend hundreds on designer clothes either.

So this year... I wanted some leather boots and maybe one or two over-sized sweaters to wear with jeans or leggings. :) I'm excited! Fall has the best weather ever!

What do you like about fall? Or maybe not like about it? :D

Plus, I love pumpkin pie so I can't complain much. August is also a word that means inspiration. When school starts for most. When things start to move forward. And overall, I see it as a positive 3/4 marker into finishing up with the year with a bang! Let me know your thoughts!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I'll be tweeting your clouds & daisies tutorial. So cute. I like the dippin' dots look too. And I absolutely LOVE the fall look with all these outfits! Are you on tumblr?

  2. I am Kim!

    I'll forward it to you.



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