Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back to the Basics: How do you commission yourself?

Hey guys!!

I love writing these posts so I'm glad I found the time and direction to get this together.
I hope all is well with everyone... it's gotten so cold so fast... that my nose has been really hard/dry/peeling by the nostrils from blowing it too much. :( Invest in lotioned up tissues even if they cost more guys! It would have been so much worse without them.

Anyway.... I've been looking for OT shadowing opportunities for my prerequisite and finding it quite difficult. A huge hospital in downtown Atl is Emory Hospital and I will need to get 3 vaccines done to just apply. And then a criminal background check.. yikes huh? Oh well.. you gotta do what you gotta do! I kind of feel like this image summarizes my life though:

So my main reason and topic for this post is really about artists and how you sell your art.
I have always just been a folk artist that never has people regularly commission me on paintings or something but the stability an layout is really important to have if you want this. I believe I want this. Why? For a lot of reasons.

1. So I can sell my artwork.
2. So that my room isn't always full of artwork that needs a new family.
3. Extra money for a student goes a longggg way.
4. I want a safe transaction set up with a contract and everything.
5. For more creative and artistic opportunities to meet me in the future.

If anyone else is following on this... keep reading.

I recently fell in love with an artist named Leilani Joy. I have come across her work various times and I go through a art crush phase with her every time I re-discover her. It turns out that she has these amazing tips on commissions and designing contracts.. even how to price your artwork. She runs an etsy shop but also auctions off art on her fan page as well. Her fan base is so well integrated-- I'm jealous. Here's some of her dreamy dreamy artwork.

That last one above is by far one of my favorite pieces from her called Litonya.

Anyway, I just wanted to share her blog because she shares amazing tips and tricks on being an artist on the business end of things as well as advancing your craft. Plus, she seems genuinely friendly and nice about sharing her knowledge, tips, and tricks entirely. It's pretty hard to find such details from an accomplished artist. :)

Leilani's Blog: Art NuVogue (links to commission page)
Leilani's FB

Share your tips and tricks about selling canvas art. Do you prefer etsy or ebay? Or a hosted website? How do you go about bringing in traffic? Share! It may help someone.

So far, I have been mainly using etsy but for more crafty stuff and not actual wall artwork. I'm still trying to figure out how to brand myself as a mixed media painter/artist outside of just being a crafter. Tough stuff though. :\ All comments are appreciated!

I will leave you there for today with a doodle video of mine.

Enjoy your weekend guys!



  1. I love that Litonya piece!
    And that pic at the top...I feel like that a lot of the time too. =0)

  2. PS - I'll check out Leilani's blog too. Her work is really great.


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