Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Born Pretty Store Wax Strips Product Review

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I recently reviewed the Born Pretty Store's Wax Strips and wanted to do a product review / tutorial on how to properly use them. Remember, the Born Pretty Store has a huge collection of nail art supplies to beauty, fashion, and household items!

I'm not sure how you take care of unwanted hair, but I usually stick to epilating and sometimes waxing. Since I have sensitive skin, I opt out of natural and root killing options if possible!

Wax strips are extremely handy for on-the-go people who need quick hair removal that isn't messy, expensive, or time consuming. These mini cold wax strips were super easy to use and only $4.92 for 10 pieces. The Born Pretty Store offers free 24/7 international shipping! Let's begin my tutorial.

Although most was strips will ask for you to apply friction to the wax strip before use, I always found heating it up with a handy blow dryer is the best way to go. Just use high heat for a 15-20 seconds.

Once it's nice and warm, it should bend well in your hands and you are ready to peel!

A packet of 10 strips is technically 20 strips since peeling one apart allows you to use both sides. They should peel off of each other very nicely with no mess or real strain. The Born Pretty Store's wax strips are actually made out of natural plant extract (very cool) and didn't curl up when I peeled the strip into 2. They pull out the roots of your hair for long lasting smoothness if you do it correctly!

Now,  stick on your strip to the designated area of your skin. Make sure to stick the strip with your hair growth direction. This way, when you peel it, you will peel in the opposite direction of your hair growth to yank those suckers out. So for my legs, I always stick it and rip it upward to my chest.

Sometimes, I heat up the strip again because it cools down quickly after I stick it on my leg. For more even coverage, add friction by rubbing the strip down against your skin. Peel quick and in one nice pull! It doesn't hurt as nearly as much as hot wax but it will feel like peeling a slightly dull piece of masking tape off of you.

Wax strips do not ever get ALL hair. There are tiny stubborn hairs that may not come off and you can just pluck them individually. For the most part, these wax strips do a great job getting the majority of your hair off. They would be great for road trips and just emergency "I need to wear a sleeveless or leggy outfit" days. :D Make sure to finish off with some cooling aloe vera or lotion for hydration and redness.

Good luck using wax strips. And make sure to check out the Born Pretty Store's option. They are very affordable and easy to use!

Remember, you can receive 10% off your purchase through me and my discount code for the Born Pretty Store - ZFL91. Check out The Born Pretty Store's ad on the right hand sidebar for the code as well. 




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