Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gratitude Journals + The Born Pretty Store Product Review

Hey guys! I'm back with another fun review of the Born Pretty Store's Cute Portable Note Pad.
The Born Pretty Store has a variety of nail art supplies, fashion accessories, and more!

These adorable notebooks come in a variety of colors and you will receive a random cover design for $4.76 plus free shipping worldwide.

It's an adorable little book with a variety of designed pages incorporating feel good cartoons. It's just such a happy little accessory. The binding is nice and durable with a thick set of pages to write your thoughts down on. It will arrive in a plastic sleeve. I found some debris or dirty marks on the last page (on the inside of the back cover) but it's not much of a problem f you dust it off. (:

Here are a few of the cover pages you may receive. They are all equally cute in my opinion! 
I actually decided to use this cute notebook as a gratitude journal.

Research states that practicing being grateful is really beneficial for you.
That sounds odd since you probably give your fair share of please and thank yous.
But research says that practicing the art of gratitude journalism can put you in a better place.
Find a place to write down your thoughts. A little notebook or even in the note section of your planner. And everyday or every few days, write a list of 5 things you are grateful for.

It can be something small, something obvious, or maybe something big.
You can write down anything you want fro

A few of my recent bullets of gratitude included “I'm grateful for the adorable face my dog gave me this afternoon” to “I'm grateful for that man that held the door open at the library”.
Anything goes.

Just make sure to regulate your lists on a weekly basis and make it personal. This way, it is a solid reflection of you are and who you are becoming.  It is a conscious decision on your part to make the effort to write your thankful thoughts down. This will not only build your level of gratitude but help you exercise expressing your conscience. In the long run, it will make you happier and allow you to send good vibes to the people around you. Try it out! You have nothing to lose.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and gratitude journalism info.
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Have a good week!


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