Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What do you do for Halloween?

Hey guys! image

When I think of Halloween, I usually go...

As creative as I am, I'm always hesitant about assembling or spending that much money on a costume that I can only wear once! I really want to know how interested my readers are in Halloween itself and for what purpose. Their kids? the candy? the costumes? clubbing? I want to know!!

I never do anything particularly special for Halloween. It's possibly because I am an old soul but also because I've been in school the past several years of my early adulthood to really do anything "fun". Who knows, maybe I will cook something up to do this year. ^.^ Eventually, I do want to dress up for at least one year and do something memorable.

Any ideas? Share your Halloween stories-- what year was the best for you and what did you do?

Anyway, I'm sharing some friendly etsy finds with you all for today. I picked items you can continue to have use of after Halloween. That's just how I roll. ;)

Halloween Soap - Zombie Brain Soap Sandwich - Licorice & Cherry scented
Zombie brain soap! It's perfect.

Crochet Pumpkin - Pumpkin - Halloween - Thanksgiving Decor - Holiday Decor - Photo Prop - Fall Decor

Adorable crochet pumpkins! Keep them around til Thanksgiving!

Phone Charm - Little Bat Halloween Phone Charm Key Ring Strap various colours

Bat Phone Charms

Neon Orange and Gold Braided Headband Halloween Hippie headband Womens Hair Accessories
Orange and Gold Braided Headband

That's it for today guys! It's finally feeling like Fall and I loveeee it!
I've been teaching my art class all week outside at the park. (:

I may or may not end up doing a Nightmare/Tim Burton-inspired nail art tutorial soon. Woohoo!


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