Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rose Macarons and Turkey Day Nails

Hey guys!

I feel so behind on posting.
My friend visited last week  and I think I got what I'm calling post hosting withdrawal. I was so used to being on the go and taking care of our plans that the fatigue just blasted on me right after I dropped her off at the airport. But I had such a good time it doesn't matter-- it was all worth it. Anyone else experience this after hosting...? Or maybe I'm just getting old. Both are true to a degree though. :D

Anyway... I have been straining my brain every day ... every moment thinking about the perfect personal statement for my grad school application. I feel like we all have stories to tell and limiting what needs to be a resume, autobiography, and good life story in 2-3 pages is the hardest thing to write about. Essentially, you are not only trying to sell yourself but in a modest and approachable way that isn't generic and somehow fluid. I know that this topic exists for all of us and it's in arm's reach but for now, I'm still putting jagged pieces together. All good things will come in time. :)

So Thanksgiving is right around the block.. and I really wanted to paint my nails in an autumn-based color scheme to celebrate. Plus, once I start shadowing at hospitals, I need to go super plain jane mode and limit all my colors and fun. :\ Which means it's a good time to use glitter. haha!

Here are some fun and easy ideas I found on tumblr:

Oh and I also baked macarons for the first time with my sister and friend during her visit. It was very spintaneous but fun. :) They turned out SO pretty. I couldn't resist adding a bokeh effect to them to sell as fine art prints in the shop. They make me smile.

Here's a speed through video of us making them:

Thanks for swinging by!

Let me know what your favorite Thanksgiving foods are... I'm still debating what I want to cook since our family isn't too traditional about it. Heck, we might end up at a sushi buffet. :P


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  1. I like all the nails! And I LOVE your macaroons with the bokeh! So cool. =0)


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