Monday, December 30, 2013

Tis the Season / Updates

Hey lovely people! It is time for an update!! Woot woot.

I've been completely riddled with anxiety and insomnia lately from the back to school/grad school preparation stress. :( It's taking me a while to fall asleep and it's been so frustrating! Must force myself to wake up earlier in hopes to be more tired at night... :X I'm stuck on this one sentence in my personal statement that is driving me crazy unfortunately. It's due soon so I'm hoping it falls into place pronto!

Oh well.. the good news is that it's the holidays and it's been fun seeing from friends and hanging out! Too bad my family is split up all over the place... I thought this photo of this family on tumblr was so cute and clever!

I baked my boyfriend some holiday cookies and offered some free refills as well. lol.

Yep! I think he biggest highlight for me so far has been my little getaway to Gatlinburg with my boyfriend. It was a fun road trip with lots of picture taking opportunities. We also checked out this Global Wonderland with lots of pretty lights. Very adventurous right before a new school year!

The streets were so lit up. I loved how they turned street lamps and electric poles into trees... very smart!

We saw the Guinness World Record's biggest button collection as well... can you believe this wasn't even 1/4 of it? It took up a whole wall display!

Here's a little vlog digest youtube style:

Here are some pictures of Global Wonderland! It was really beautiful but a tad on the cold side to walk through at this time of year. Good thing they had a huge tent full of food and heat... :)

So what have you all been up to during this holiday season. Leave a comment and let me know! Hope all is going well. :)

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  1. I LOVE your family photo for the year! =0)
    Two thumbs up for inventive ways to use technology. LOL


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