Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Now What?

Hey everyone! Although I've already said it, Happy New Year!

Anyone else feel like this sometimes? hehe.
I think it's normal to just feel a combination of "now what?" and "heck yeah".
People on one polar end are either going gungho on this new year or "I don't know what to do with my life". Again... all things we can relate to from some point in our lives.

I'd say the biggest thing to remember is...

because it so SO important to just believe in what you are doing and pursuing. Don't get caught up in others' lives and where they are/what they are doing. Comparison robs you of joy! It's really hard to turn this light switch off so just work on valuing yourself and your abilities on a regular basis. I have a gratitude journal that's going fairly well. I just write down things that I am grateful for whenever I remember to... ^.^

My biggest struggle growing up I guess becoming an adult was really valuing my own interests. It seems impossible to not see your worth through others' eyes. It's frustrating thinking about how your choices get ten times more complicated when you try to make everyone happy. Well guess what... that's not realistic!

I'm going through the "applying to grad school" era and it's always been a problem working around my parents. But the more I speak to others with the same problem, the more I started to believe what I was preaching. They aren't going to college for you. They aren't studying your major or doing your job or living in your shoes. If you want something completely different, it's best you pursue that dream because it's not worth pursuing someone else's. Again, another regular self-preservation project for anyone to work on... it's basically about appreciating yourself and your wants, needs, and all the good stuff!

Yup. That's the friendly post that I have for today since I am starting school and just wrapped up a conditional acceptance application. It's been stressful but heyyy I got through it! I hope everyone is off to some kind of moving start for the new year. It's okay to take time to look at your options and decide after. Just don't get lethargic and lazy about it. :) Thanks to all the new followers... this gif is just for you!


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