Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! Already another year has flown by and I can't believe some of things that have happened in the past year for me.

For one, this little blog got so much love from you guys so I just want to thank you again for being a reader whether you are a silent one or a major commenter! :)

This year was probably the most polarized year of my life so far. Some major good things happened like me graduating college and getting some work experience but on the other end, I dealt with a lot of health problems. But the good news is... I always get to know myself better in good and bad situations that better me as a person. Or perhaps, I get better at being me.. like managing myself mentally and physically. haha.

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That's why this year new year is all about maintaining and chasing happiness. I'm all for being healthy this year. Healthy equals Happy. I never really saw that correlation growing up but after dealing with heart inflammation and anxiety, I can totally see myself preaching to younger me about fitness, good diet, and de-stressing.

So what is this new year bringing? What am I expecting?

Via Pascale De Groof
New Year's Day !!!!

Via Pascale De Groof

I think every year, I end up in this slum during the holidays because I don't see it as anything special. My family was never big on the holidays and even though I was raised Christian, we don't do dinners or gifts or anything really. A lot of it was financially based but I'm really glad that I'm older and not so bitter about the holidays. I don't hype it up but it's a great time to express your gratitude to people and to what you have. We're always caught up on what we don't have (not enough gifts, not enough money, etc) that we completely ignore everything we do have. And that was me growing up. What a great feeling thinking of a new year as a blank book. Start fresh but keep in mind turning a new leaf is not reserved for the new year and that you should practice being the best you everyday. :)

So I'm just going to run through some major accomplishments/moments of mine this past year to give myself a well-deserved pat on the back. you guys should totally do this too in the comments!

1. I graduated and attained my degree in Psychology a semester early.
2. I discovered Occupational Therapy is what I want to pursue for my masters and worked so hard at pacing myself to apply in the next application cycle.
3. My blog, shop, and facebook are all hitting or passing the 4 digit mark. 1,000+ followers or fans is not a joke. That's a lot of people!! :D
4. I organized a trip for my grandparents to visit during the summer and it may be their last trip but I'm glad it happened. They are over 90 years old now... 0_0
5. I survived my panic attack and heart inflammation, even though it still affects me today.

I can keep going and talk about some awesome people I met or reconnected with... my amazing boyfriend... ya know. Give you guys the feels but I don't want this to run that long. Plus, expressing love to people should happen regularly so I can just tell them in person that they are awesome!!

Yep so I will leave you with these amazing cookies and hope that you have a wonderful start to the new year. Thanks for reading and leave a resolution/provoking thought/cheerful comment!

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  1. I love this post, Dana. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2014!!!


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