Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Valentie's Day Gift Giving Ideas!

Hey cutiepies!

I'm always lovin' all the rad ideas floating around for holiday gift giving. I thought I might as well share my video on how to upcycle shopping bags and also share some fun finds on etsyyyy. Gotta support the handmade crew!

Here's my video on how to turn a Victoria Secret bag into a Vday one!!

Moving onto some sweet etsy finds...

 14K Gold Heart Earrings, Gold Heart Stud Earrings, Gold Heart Post Earrings, 14K Gold Stud Earrings, Valentine's Day Gift, Heart Earrings

I can't get over how cute these hollow heart gold studs are from Purple Poem Craft!

Valentines Day Gift Listen to My Heart Boyfriend Girlfriend , for him for her - Couple Pillowcases Personalized Stick People Lovers Love

Eugenie2 made these super cute pillows.. good for anniversaries as well ain't it?

Valentine **Special** "We Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly" Cookies 1 Dozen (12 cookies) Valentine's Day - Heart - Gift

These PB&J cookies from Love Bird Bakery are so cute and happy together!

Valentine's Day Heart Scarf Infinity Scarf Shawl Circle Scarf Loop Scarf Gift - for her - LOVE - White Heart  Navy Blue Scarf

A stylish navy heart scarf by fat woman! All year round love I'd say!

Valentine's Day Bath Bomb, Pampering Gift for HER, Black Raspberry Vanilla

I would never say no to a bath bomb! specially one this cute from NatureEscapes.

Hehe. I hope you all enjoyed my finds! I basically went for all the loveydovey heartsy ones... :)

Have a happy day!

This was too cute to not use... Lilo's expression is priceless.


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