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Sammydress: Boots and Panda Earrings Review

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Today I have a special product review with accessories and shoes from Sammy dress. Sammy dress is a online boutique, great for finding the latest fashion trends for affordable prices. I reviewed two lovely products: panda earrings and black suede wedge boots.

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So let's start off with a mini profile. Sammy dress is located in China and offers international shipping. They have a range of products that ship for free and others are weighed together once you go to check out to average the cost.

Shipping to me in the U.S. took exactly 1 month. Word! That's standard for international mail so I was totally fine with that. The packaging was very safe and clean.

Because it is international shipping, the shipping will be anywhere between $5-$15+ depending on the weight of your total purchase. I know that may sound like a lot, but Sammy dress has competitive prices. So, you basically end up including shipping into the cost of your items and still getting affordable prices. You'll see what I mean.

Let me start off with these rhinestone Panda Earrings. ($1.85)

These Panda earrings looked really cute and youthful...but not so childish. Here's how they looked on me and some pictures I took of it. They are a great size, small but not so small that you can't see the rhinestone details. They are also very light and come with little rubber backers. And yes, they were only $1.85!

I also reviewed a pair of black wedges. Essentially, they are wedged oxfords and I always wanted a pair so yay! These vintage style suede wedge boots were $11.24.

 I think they look cute with my polka dot stockings. Sorry I couldn't get outdoor or more creative pictures guys. We're in the midst of a snow storm. No need to step outside and slip and slide on ice!

These wedges are so chic! My biggest concern about these shoes were that they wouldn't fit! I converted my shoe size and I am generally a 7.5. I went with 7 through their conversion size chart for a size 38. They fit perfectly. I have just enough room to wear some socks. They were surprisingly really light for wedges as well. It's the perfect height for me; it gives you a boost but nothing uncomfortably tall. I can easily style these shoes with skinny jeans or leggings... it's going to be great!

So... as you can see, Sammydress has some really cute finds from dresses to jewelry... even beauty supplies! In total, my order would cost $30. Wedge Boots would normally cost $25-$40 already so I didn't see the international shipping cost to be a problem since the deals were really good.

NOTE: One thing I really really really want to note with you guys is about check out. I actually made an error when I was checking out and could not use my sponsor gift code. When I asked if they could possibly apply it and just refund my payment (since the sponsor code would cover what I spent), they didn't allow it. So... I actually received two different orders from Sammydress and this is the review I made with the second order, not the order I paid for.

In order to avoid that, make sure you are sure about the contents of your cart before pressing check out. Sammy dress does not have like a 3 step check out process. It confirms your address and order info on the next page and goes straight to a confirmation page that says your order has been made! Make sure you read everything in your order slowly because you will not be able to cancel your order directly from your account. You must go through customer service and they will open a ticket for you. Customer service can be slow since it's through a ticket system via email and not online chat. Please keep in mind that this company is not American and do not speak English as a first language.

You can also track your order through your account and also read/write reviews on products. I found those very helpful when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. Also keep in mind that many of these clothing trends are Asian fashion. I don't have a petite frame so read about dress length and legging length very carefully. Just keep all that in mind while shopping and you should be fine!

That's the end of my review guys! Hope you enjoyed it!


Yep! That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed my little fashion product review with Sammy dress. Check out their shop and give them some love. Let me know in the comment box if you've ever shopped with Sammy dress and if you had a good experience!


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