Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Break + Giveaway Updates

Hey guys!

It's finally Spring Break for me!
I'm this girl minus the cats... bad cat dander allergy. haha. Well... I'm hoping to get some more sleep but I do plan on finally seeing some friends and also keeping up with my schoolwork. :\

I won't be traveling so it's not too exciting I guess but just having some time off to do whatever I want is always nice! I'm looking forward to the weather warming up as well. I saw some really fun summery outfits on tumblr.. which one are you?

I think this last one is the most "me". Plus, I love the statement shoes with the solid outfit. :)

I've been neglecting my youtube channel lately and decided to post a random video on my jewelry crafting supplies. At the end, I also added in a giveaway for you all as a thank you to new youtube supporters. They are handmade by me of course and silver plated. It will be an international giveaway. :) To see me showing you the earrings, just watch my video. I announce it at the end!


  1. That last dress is amazing! I love the statement the shoes make for the solid outfit also. c:
    The second one is my second pick. Love the shorts.
    Awesome giveaway by the way! c:


  2. I pronounce it "cab-oh-shown". Apparently it's "cab-uh-shawn". So I guess we're both pronouncing it wrong, haha. And I don't have axe charms.. but I do own some butcher knife ones? LOL.

    1. Lol Mardi! Ive been slaughtering that word for a while then. The butcher knife ones are cute too. I've seen wrenches and swords... all sorts of tools!

  3. *giggle* chipmunks!!! lol
    congrats on your movie-theater-full subscribers - it's an awesome milestone, and i'm glad to be a follower/subscriber.

    thanks for the giveaway. =0)

    1. Chipmunk voices for the win! Thanks Kim! :) You rock.


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