Monday, March 3, 2014

Style: Classy, Simple, and Beautiful

Yay, March 1st! Don’t worry if it didn’t start well. You can still make it end well. ^u^

Hey guys! Happy March! Wow... this year just started to me and it sailed by so quickly.
Make sure you are making everyday count towards something... my mom always used to tell me... it's because you're young right now that time doesn't seem important but once enough time has past, you'll regret it because you can't take it back. And she's SO right. It's always good to be busy and it keeps you mentally healthy, therefore happy all around!

Song of the week by Tori Kelly. Her voice is so soothing but she has a R&B feel that makes her music extra special.

It's kind of that weird time of the year where some days, you can work layers but other days are still too chilly for just a cardigan. Today's fashion feed as is all about "less is more" and not pertaining to how much skin you are showing. Simple color blocks and and solids coming together modest, classy looks. I dig these looks so much!

I really like this chain purse. I'm too lazy to carry shoulder bags s I'm always looking for cross body bags. hehe

Oxfords plus lace. Need I say more?

A toned down floral print can work all year round. Who says floral is only for the summer?

A nice pop of red to a comfy and neutral outfit.

Short and sweet entry for today. I REALLY need to go shopping and clean out a lot of my old staple solids/tshirts/tanks. My closet looks so full but I wear almost nothing in it anymore! Don't we all hate that feeling?! :(

Quick life update: I have finally reached the midpoint of my crazy semester. I know every bone in the body along with their dips (fossas), holes (foramina) and jut outs (protuberances). Saw this funky skeletal art on tumblr and now I just can't help but point out everything wrong with non-anatomical skeletons! But I must say, this is pretty cool.

I hope everyone is doing well. Update me on your life in the comment section below. :)



  1. Gorgeous outfits!! I absolutely love love love those shoes! I need to get me a pair...after winter. Hehe.
    That skeleton gif is also pretty awesome.
    You should come join my fashion link-up! You clearly know your fashion! ;p


    1. Thanks Harlynn! I'll go check out your link up soon! :D

  2. Love all of your outfit picks, especially the last one. I'm such a sucker for solids and neutrals. lol


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