Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finals, Mojitos, and New Accessories

Hey everyone!

Ahhh. It's been a while since I touched my blog.
I miss having more free time. :\ Anyway... I am entering my second and final week of finals next week and had some time today to take a breather. After taking a dreadful test in the afternoon, my sister and I went downtown to grab a bite to eat. We went to a Mexican place called the Prickly Pear.

It was my first time getting ceviche (top left corner) and it was pretty good. I probably wouldn't be able to eat that much of it by myself but with someone and crackers... definitely a fun combo of spice, seafood, and whatever else goes into ceviche! :D [P.S. That mango mojito was gooood.]

While I was out, I decided to make use of my camera. I received some goodies recently from Sammydress that I wanted to review. Since I went out with 3/4 of these products, I decided why not review them in natural lighting.

Vintage Style Women's Tote Bag With Bowknot and Buckle Design - $10.93

Here is my adorable cross body bag that I got in light brown. Originally, I wanted their brown because light brown looked to light but it turned out to be a little darker than the photo. I wanted something versatile that would work with dressier outfits but still good for casual days as well. I love the bow and the little buckles-- it gives off a vintage feel. The size is great too since it's not too big or small. Plus, I can wear it as a cross body bag across my chest by adjusting the strap!

Visec Quartz Watch with 12 Numbers Indicate Dial Leather Watchband - $4.74

I also really needed a casual watch so when I saw that Sammydress carried leather bracelet watches, I thought why not get it! They come in a variety of colors but I chose dark brown because it suited my style the best. It was already ticking when I got it so I have no idea how long the battery will last but I'm sure it will be fine. There are these cute beads and a feather pendant that hands off the thin strand of leather pictured. There is some kind of scratch or string below my "12" inside the frame that I cannot remove. That was the minor issue with it but I can't tell that it's there unless I stare at it.

This is a really unique watch and it's easy to wear. It has two sizes on the back that you just snap in place. I used the tighter one and still have some wiggle room. All the leather was securely glued to the ends. The only thing that concerns me are the connector hoops on both ends of the watch and the wing pendant. They weren't looped to be closed but had a gap where leather at certain angles could potentially fall out. If you have a jewelry wrench at home or even similar tools in the garage, you can pinch them to close them.

 Moving onto these wonderful Hollow Flower Earrings. These were so cute and unique that I had to get them! They are only $2 guys!! They are abstract and 3D without being gaudy. I have black hair but I can still wear these without them blending in with my hair. Aren't they super cute?

I also got a pair of cute pearl butterfly earrings. I obviously couldn't wear them out today with flower earrings on already but these are what they look like:

Haha. I just put them on with my home t-shirt to show you guys. They are really light and only a $1.21! They are a little more dressy in my opinion so with summer dresses of peter pan collared shirts, these would look really classic.

That's all of my new accessories from Sammydress. Remember that they are a wholesale online shop in Hong Kong. They have international shipping on everything in stock. Here is more info.

Thanks for swinging by the blog. Next month will be full of new sponsors and fun guys!!! <3

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