Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pursuit of happiness and Cheesecake

Hey everyone!

I'm so glad I have this blog to just talk about frivolous to more important things in life. It's such a great escape for me-- thanks for being here. :)
I am still slowly but quickly preparing for my finals towards the end of this month.

It feels like nothing is happening though because the test date isn't in like 2 days or anything like that but in weeks. Oh well... still gotta pace right? :)

So... it was my boyfriend's birthday recently and he's always raving about cheesecake so I made him oreo cheese cake with a no bake recipe. If you are interested, I filmed the process just to share. I don't really have time to plan and film so a lot of my videos are candid and spontaneous with what I end up sharing.  I didn't miss out on a chance to share a cheesecake recipe of course.

They turned out really good but I do recommend eating them after waiting overnight. They taste much better than after just 4 hours in the fridge. All notes are in the description section of the video.

Anyway, back to life.

I'm starting to see how simple this list is yet how intimidating it is at the same time.
I feel like I struggle with being whole. I go from one polar end to the other and can never find a great balance between two extremes. This post indirectly touched on that since I blog and maintain an etsy shop for fun/for entrepreneurship. Yet... I'm in school studying big time to try to get my OT prerequisites in. But by doing that, I miss out on a social life and just "me" things.

I'm really blessed to have my online art/blog community. It's a productive and inspirational hobby so if anything, it's helping me maintain this balance that I seek with myself. I know school comes first but I'm also turning 23 next week and I felt like 2014 started yesterday. No time to seize an opportunity but the present. This is my mini PSA for today.

Know what is important.
Pursue what you must.
Try what you can along the way.
Meet nice people along the way as well.
You have nothing to lose if you are committed to your major goal already.

This will all lead to a happy-- whether it's the happy you envisioned or the happy life led you to.

Take that and run with it my butterflies!
We are all meant for greatness. On that note, peace.


  1. mmm! I'm going to have to try out your recipe! Because I don't eat most of the traditional ingredients I will make it it modified with organics and some vegan alternatives...I'm sure it will work...I hope ;-)
    I'm addicted to newmans owns ginger or mint cream sandwich cookies. Thinking this recipe is going to be a huge hit in the house. Thanks so much for sharing!! (=

    1. I'm actually lactose intolerant and often anti-pork so those literally all went toy my boyfriend. lol. Mint cream sandwich cookies sound amazing!!


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