Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Car Review of Julep Maven Nail Polish


Let me start off by saying this is not a sponsored post and that i decided to just personally try out Julep's services for fun. I thought I'd share since I am a huge fan of nail polish and their first month was free. All I did was pay for shipping and the lovely package arrived shortly after like this...

You guys should play this song I'm digging while you scroll down.

I was heading out and checked the mail so I thought why not switch things up and take pictures in the car. LOL. It turned out fun. :) See for yourself!

I was really impressed with the overall presentation, packaging, and styling of Julep's products. 
Their customer service is super friendly and the voiceover machine you get when you call is actually the CEO navigating you. I thought that was a cool and personal touch.

Some fun facts:

Julep's products are made in the USA.
Julep is a 4-free formula company.

Here's what it looked like on me!

This is a really bright orange (Sydney) and luckily, Julep offers different colors and looks depending on your personal style. Since it's the summer, I can rock this orange/red but it's not a typical color I would sway to.

The glitter one (Jane) is marvelous as well. It smells really good for nail polish and I used it for this half moon design. Pretty!

I tested both polishes out though and they were easy to work with. The bottles however are much smaller than the standard ones we are used to from other companies. These are slender so it is easier to carry on the go maybe on trips or vacations but you are paying more for the 4-free formula. If you have weak or sensitive nails, a 4-free formula is great for you! The cuticle treatment was designed well and also easy to use but I can't report how well they work even though I used it all week. I'll update this with any new updates in the next week or so!

Overall, I like this brand-- it's a pretty cool idea getting monthly nail polish in the mail! You can try out your first box free here. You can also just buy one time product sets as well if you don't want to go monthly. :) Enjoy my review! Let me know if you have tried out Julep as well!


  1. I've signed up for Julep a few months ago but have never completed my order for my first box. LOL I currently have so many nail polish. Maybe I will give them a try in the next few months! =)

    1. It's a neat idea and they are super professional! :) hope you get to try it soon!

  2. I've been wanting to try Julep for awhile, but we've been trying to cut costs more this year (I even had to say bye-bye to birchbox.). That orange is a good color for summer. =0) Great review!

    1. Yeah! I have a lot of nail polish right now so I just tried the first month free for now. Once I can get passed school and get a job, maybe then I can have some monthly fun! :D


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