Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chic Nova Summer Dresses Review

Hi cutiepies!

I finally got to work with Chic Nova on some lovely clothing reviews. Chic Nova is a wholesale fashion store that offers international 24 hour shipping on the latest fashion trends in clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. I chose 2 dresses that apparently ended up both being blue to review. I just really like to get clothes that are classy and versatile... I could easily dress these up or just wear them casually during the summer. These dresses were perfect to add to my closet!

Welcome to CHICNOVA

Here's my first pick: Clover Printed Skater Dress ($35)
I measured myself and found that medium would fit best and it fit like a glove guys!! What's great about this dress is that it's lightweight and sheer enough that it won't make you heat up on a hot summer day. But, it's not sheer enough to show skin. I usually don't like glossy accessories but this simple gloss belt was a nice accent to this dress. The pattern was what drove me to this dress along with the decent length that it was. I love coral so that pop of coral on each clover adds a nice touch of summer color while keeping the dress remotely simple.

I painted my toes to match the coral print. hehe.

Shout out to Glitter Lambs Polish for the awesome Mickey Mouse polish!
Here is the second Floral Skater dress ($27) I picked. The overall design and feel of this dress is very different from my first more playful dress. This one has a tea party vibe that is mature but still fun with the floral print.

I also was drawn to the longer length of this dress and overall feel of the more muted flowers accenting the warm navy blue. I have a lot of pink based floral printed everything in my closet so this dress looked special to me. Plus, the back has a unique crossover that adds a little flirt to the overall design as well.

When this dress arrived, I noted that the dress is closer to black than it is to navy blue. It's a very very dark blue black. Unfortunately, this dress was just a little snug on me as a medium. I love the crossback but the bust fit was a design I am not used to. The sides as you will see were very low cut while the front was very high up.  I think it has a high fashion run way feel so I feel the need to wear a shirt under to cover my sides even though it wouldn't look right with this dress. If you don't mind the wide sides and high neck line, this dress is pretty darn cute. :)

Floral Skater dress ($27)
See what I mean by low cut sides?

Shout out to Glitter Lambs Polish :)
 That's it everyone!

Enjoy this post and let me know which dress you liked better! :D

I'll be posting mostly sponsored content for the next two months because of my Chemistry summer semester. I probably won't have anything exciting to share except me finally understanding conversion factors (if it happens!). Love you guys!! <3


  1. Both dresses are fabulous and great for summer. Love all the nail polish as well. =0)


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