Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Women-Owned Business Day!

Hi guys!

Today, we are starting off our day with this adorable video:

Uh huh. I just died too. My boyfriend sent this to me while I was brushing my teeth and I laughed so much watching this hamster's chubby cheeks eating those tiny burritos! SO CUTE!

Moving on, I learned from a friend (JustbBYou) that today is Women-Owned Business Day!

This is a pretty phenomenal concept if you think about how far women have come in gaining independence and power in the business world since many centuries past. I'm really proud of my little art shop so I thought why not share. :)

Since it's a special day, I decided to have a special sale til this Friday to celebrate.

Use the code WOMEN1 at trinkets on anything you want for 20% off.

This is a short post but make sure you all enter the newest giveaway on the side bar with e.l.m tree suds-- they have amazing skincare products!!

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  1. WootWoot for sales and for Woman-Owned Business Day!!! Glad that you joined the movement. And like me, you took it beyond May 1st. That's awesome sauce right there. =0)


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