Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer time Cardio!

Hello everyone!

Now that it is finally warm... I should have no excuses on where and when I can work out! Here's a video I just tried out and the pacing/steps are perfect for my cardio level. For any equipment you don't have or exercises you cannot do, just modify. :)

I thought it was a nice short workout that will still bring up a sweat.

Here are some fun photos I found floating around tumblr.

I can't wait to start swimming once my neighborhood pool opens. It's one of my favorite exercise past times! Plus, you get your daily dose of vitamin D. :)

In order to live a healthy and less sluggish lifestyle, you need yummy nutritional food in you. You ALWAYS need to eat well to feel well!! Never work out on an empty stomach! If you are losing weight to fight off obesity, high blood cholesterol, or just to get fit, you still need good fats and carbs! No matter what, do not starve yourself!!!

I'm not sure why but these simple jars with fruit in them look so tasty!

and this.. mmmm.

What summer workouts are you digging? Or what do you want to try?
Share your thoughts!


  1. I really should work out. My mom's a personal trainer AND we have a gym downstairs so really, I have no excuses!

    1. That sounds perfect! Go get em Mardi!


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