Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1K Followers Giveaway Party - Sponsors Wanted!

Sign up to be a sponsor for my 1K Celebration Giveaway Party!
Deadline: July 20, 2014

Hi everyone!!!

CTN has been going strong for about 2 years now and I finally bought my own domain www.cheerstonovelty.com. I have met so many wonderful people through it so I thank you for your interest in collaborating with me. CTN is nearing 1000 official GFC followers and thought it was a perfect time to have a big group giveaway party! I am opening sign ups early as usual to anyone interested in being a sponsor. Please share this post with potential sponsors or keep reading if you are interested! 


Being a sponsor is free as long as you can provide a prize and can ship it internationally.You do not have to be a super sponsor (which includes product review and giveaway) for this giveaway party unless you want to work with me separately on a full promotion. :)

Prizes must play well with my blog's brand and it must be of $18+ value.
(If it's not quite $18+, it's okay based on the quality of the prize)


I highly recommend that you be a super sponsor if you haven't before or want to again for other products. It's a great experience and you get double or even triple the traffic. As a special treat to all participating super sponsors, your free one month ad space will be upgraded to a bigger size.

Our group giveaway will introduce every participating shop with a banner, etsy mini, and prize photo. I will be using rafflecopter for the giveaway entry system.

If you super sponsor, you will have a full feature on a separate post with the same rafflecopter for double the traffic on two different posts. Click here for Super Sponsor info.

Giveaway Set up:

There will be one blog post for the group giveaway with a list of all sponsors including their info:

Sponsor name:
Sponsor prize photo: 
And then we will start all over with the next sponsor.
As for the rafflecopter entry system, you receive 2 entry options:
Choose 1-2 more social networks of your choice. ex. Follow me on instagram

Drawing winners:

I will also be drawing winners to match the amount of sponsors I get.
So 10 sponsors means 10 prizes. I will just continue to draw from the pool of entries randomly going down the sponsor prize list. Also, I will make sure that the winner pulled will receive a prize that corresponds with their entries. This way, no winner will be receiving a prize that they did not enter for and will appreciate it! 

I think this method will work best for a group giveaway without sacrificing too much of what I love about separate shop spotlights.

When is this happening?

RSVP by July 20 in the comments below and by email.
All products for review must arrive to me by the 24th in order for me to prepare!

I plan on launching the giveaway party in the first week of August.
I will likely make it a three week party and have super sponsor reviews go up one at a time, followed by the group giveaway sponsors within the first week depending on how many sponsors and super sponsors I get. 

Please make sure you are flexible in sponsoring before committing to this. I will likely email or message you all saying that it's time in the beginning of August.

If you plan on sponsoring but you have a lot of questions about your prize and such, please feel free to start discussing your ideas with me now so that when the time comes, you will be ready. If you have not worked with CTN before and you are not sure if you brand matches my blog's brand, email me please!

What I need from you as a sponsor: 
If you are totally set on sponsoring this group giveaway, go ahead and send me this info through my contact form or directly to trinketsbydana at gmail dot com. Subject should say "Group Giveaway"

(All specific details were discussed above for the list written below)

1. Shop Name/Link
2. Prize with photo and prize value (Minimum $18+ value)
(with your logo/shop name, prize name with value, and "CTN Giveaway Party")
3. Sponsor's etsy mini html code:
(items from your shop as a thumbnail in 5 columns x 2 rows)(If you aren't on etsy, three product photos and links will be fine)
4. Up to 2 social network links you want promoted!  Ex. Facebook and Instagram
5. Please let me know if you plan on super sponsoring so I may send you a form.
6. Just leave a quick comment on this post below and say you are participating so that other potential sponsors will know how many people we have so far. Thank you! 

If you want to be a part of this group giveaway but be a Super Sponsor (do a full promotion including product review, giveaway, and free ad space), then please let me know in this email as well so that we can arrange for it!

Here's some extra help on the etsy mini:

Thanks for your support and friendship! Looking forward to working with you all!

Current Sponsor list: (SS - Super Sponsor)
Eternal Girl
SS- It's the Balm
SS- Indian Journals 
SS- One Happy Leaf
Breckenridge Soap Co.
Trinkets by Dana
SS- Khaki's Bomb Balm
Glitter Lambs Polish


  1. I'm in and I'm sending my info to you now!

  2. I am participating as a super sponsor

  3. One Happy Leaf is participating as well as a Super Sponsor. :)

  4. Organic Sunshine is participating as a super sponsor as well.

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  11. YOU KNOW IT!!!! IM SO IN!!!!! LOL

  12. I would like to participate. I sent you my info.


All thoughtful comments are appreciated. :) Thanks for being here!

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