Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Half way there

Hey everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying all the giveaways and product reviews for the month of May and June. It's been so crazy with school that I haven't really posted much outside of that. I apologize for my lack of artsy/fun updates. 

This semester... has been pretty much the worst time that I can pinpoint in the past year. I am a really strong student and I decided to take my Chemistry for an 8 week summer program. I'm not the best at math so I had my concerns but this class turned out to have so many organizational problems that it really had nothing to do with my academic abilities! Yes, it was and still is that bad. This week is my 5th week and it's been up and down every moment. I go from moments of "I can do this" to straight up sobbing while driving home. It's taken so much out of me and I am sure it will continue to. 

However, I am SO glad that I kept my blog running despite the workload of this class because I have used it as a creative outlet to de-stress while keeping my commitments with recent sponsors. Outside of the blog, this is me prepping myself for another day of school.

It's just really scary to think... if I keep this class and something goes wrong, I can fail. And technically, that process can apply to any class, even if you are doing well. The withdraw date is at the end of this week and even though I am technically doing fine, I just can't seem to fully believe that. It makes me waver all the time. It's been such a draining experience that I am REALLY looking forward to my late summer before fall semester. I will be preparing for a huge 1000 follower blog giveaway party that I know you will all enjoy. I plan on posting more youtube videos and just exercising having fun. I've been such a stiff academic nut for the past year that I didn't realize how little fun I have. It's not good to deny yourself some freedom and fun. :)

Everything is going to be alright. 

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