Monday, June 9, 2014

Self Improvement & Happiness

Hey guys!

As many of you know, I am heavily suffering in my summer Chemistry class. At one point, I knew I would want to withdraw even before I was "failing" the class. My perfectionism has just gotten out of control lately academically speaking. SO... I started to school/motivation journal to write down my daily accomplishments. Once I made up my mind that I won't be withdrawing from this class, I realized how much of a defeatist attitude can affect your learning ability. It's incredible what you can do or feel like you can do once you've made up your mind. Choosing Occupational Therapy has brought me this far in my prerequisites in applying to graduate school. And now, it's just one tough summer class to focus on right now. 

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. I swam yesterday evening for the first time this year and realized how pale I was. I should aim to get more sunlight-- maybe study outside sometime. hah!
I love these little comic-like artworks by chibird so they are all over my blog. She is younger than me and in college now but they are so sweet and uplifting to read. :) I thought I'd share. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful week. Be sure to enter all the lovely giveaways going on right here at CTN on my side bar. I had a mini giveaway party just because the timing worked out that way. They are all international and wonderful prizes that I approve of since I reviewed all of their work! :)

Leave me a comment on self-improvement or something you are currently struggling with, working on, loving, etc. :) I'd love to read your thoughts! Mine is all about being more relaxed and not letting my anxiety spin out of control because of school. >.< I'm also trying to cross out some things on my bucket list for my 20's. I doubt I will want to go skydiving or rock climbing when I'm 30 going 40 so remember that there is a time for everything but you should always be enjoying yourself. Even though school is arduous, I enjoy it so much so that lets me know that I'm in the right place. :)

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