Monday, August 4, 2014

1K Followers Group Giveaway Celebration!!!

Hello cutiepies!

I can't believe I'm saying this but I reached 1000 followers on blog CTN. That's amazing and crazy because I started this blog for fun during my bachelors degree. I am now pursuing my masters applications soon and it's surreal that I've had this platform to write and share for years now! To celebrate, I am collaborating with new and old artists, friends, and small businesses to bring you guys an awesome giveaway.

Here are the basic rules:

For each prize, there will be one winner drawn from the rafflecopter pool randomly. 
Every sponsor has a number and you can enter their portion under rafflecopter by finding their number.
To increase your chances of winning a prize, enter them all! You cannot win a prize you have not completed entries for. All social media entries used in this giveaway are free for you to join.

Super Sponsors have links by their name if I reviewed their product. Check out my reviews!
This giveaway is international. 18+ or with parent's permission. 

Have fun and enjoy! Thank you for your love and support for the past mainly 2 years. It's been a great experience so far and hopefully, blogging will just get better! :D

Our Beautiful Sponsors and Prizes: 

2. Indian Journals **Read my review and enter from here!**

3. One Happy Leaf (Main Domain) **Read my review and enter from here!**

4. It's the Balm **Read my review and enter from here!**

5. Breckenridge Soap Co. (Main Domain)

6. Trinkets by dana

7. Glitter Lambs Polish 

8. by Hamelin 

9. Wander + Lust Jewelry **Read my review and enter from here!**

10. Khaki's Bomb Balm **Read my review and enter from here!**

11. JustBYou

Please publicly enter for all entries so that I can easily verify them. If you are drawn and I can't verify your entry right away, you will be skipped as a winner. Please enter truthfully-- we are all small businesses and artists donating items to promote our businesses while offering you all amazing products for free!

NOTE: All sponsors are numbered to easily find them on the rafflecopter entry system.
Each sponsor has 2 social media entries below their numbered entry option.

1. Eternal Girl
2. Indian Journals
3. One Happy Leaf
4. It's the Balm
5. Breckenridge Soap Co.
6. Trinkets by dana
7. Glitter Lambs Polish
8. by Hamelin
9. Wander + Lust Jewelry
10. Khaki's Bomb Balm
11. Just B You

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I had some trouble with a few links on the rafflecopter.. particularly instagram and a couple pinterest links.

  2. this is an awesome giveaway. I loved the gifts :D they are so beautiful :)

  3. I had a problem with one of the links, but I searched twitter and found what I need. I put a note on my entry.

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway, and thanks to all the sponsors!


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