Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cabin Trip and Whitewater Rafting

Hi cutiepies!

I had a wonderfully long weekend in the mountains with some friends in North Georgia and Tennessee. I wanted to share some things if you ever plan on doing a cabin trip or white water rafting while sharing my time there.

Let's start off with cabin trips. Here are some tips I learned from planning and participating in this trip:

1. Keep the group size relatively small. Most large cabins hold up to 10 people but usually have bed arrangements for 8. We had a group of 8 and although everyone got a bed, we had to draw from a deck of cards to fairly distribute the king rooms from the twin size beds. 

2. Group up and make a meal plan and grocery list. It will save you so much money over everyone bringing their own food to shove in a crowded fridge. We did continental style breakfasts with eggs, bacon, and toast along with a dinner meal plan. All other snacks and personal preferences were catered to individually.

3. Don't grocery shop together if you are hungry. lol. Don't overbuy food because you should have grocery stores near you to buy more food if needed. Don't go by the size of meat packages but the weight as well. Note that 4 pounds of beef can feed 8 people and we were crazy to buy double the amount of meat for the trip. Haha!

4. Make everyone in the cabin clean up after themselves so that no one has to clean up everything on their own. If people are in charge of their own dishes and mess, everything should stay clean!

5. Look up local things to do so that you guys don't get cabin fever. Resting in the cabin is fun but it could get boring for a stay longer than 3 days! We went to a local orchard that had baked goods, wine, fruit picking, and an awesome view. It was free to check out as well unless you wanted to buy something. 

6. If you plan on hiking nearby, the location may not have restrooms. We had to split up and pee in the woods so come prepared. Bring water and a backpack with maybe a snack. Our drive up was pretty terrible because our sedans couldn't handle 5 miles of gravel road as well as a jeep or truck. Look up where you are going and ask locals about the drive if you want to make sure your car can handle it!

7. If possible, have a bonfire one evening with smores and campfire stories. It's fun! Don't forget bug spray though. The bugs are like 3 times larger in the mountains!

Whitewater Rafting

1. We used groupon and got half off of the beginner/intermediate river rafting and booked in advance.

2. Come prepared with comfy clothes that dry quickly like spandex swimsuits, or workout clothes. Ladies, don't wear anything revealing or too short because this is a VERY active sport. Your arms and legs will be flailing everywhere during the rafting. Make sure you eat something and hydrate yourself beforehand as well.

3. Bring waterproof sunblock. We did 5 miles on the river and it's a lot of sun exposure to sit through!

4. Leave your keys with the front desk and belongings locked in the car.

5. No one fell out in our group but you have to be a very avid listener to follow directions!

6. Having a full set of 6 people is the best for the group but I saw people with just 4.We had to slit up our group of 9 for rafting so keep that in mind as well. You don't want to be with strangers. When you pull people back onto the raft, it's literally a crotch to face situation and our group were all friends so we found it hilarious. With a stranger, that would be a pretty awkward experience falling onto someone's crotch. :'D

Overall, this was a super fun trip. It was jampacked and I pretty much knocked out every night for bed time. I also caught a cold from someone in our group so I'm sure the cough medicine helped but yeah. There was not a dull moment. My group and I even finished this 2000 piece puzzle during the trip.It took the whole trip to finish but it was so much fun and challenging. Here's speed through video on the progress!

Enjoy! I'll be updating very soon with lots of fun ^.^

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